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I saw this film and it was called The Radio Flyer, wasn't he in that??? i thought he was but some one please help me!!!!
Why don't you try looking it up at the internet movie database?
Yes he was! I love that movie,by the way Wink Smilie
Yep yep good movie....
Elijah.... *drool*
hem I mean, he is a very talented actor.... :P

I know it is a great movie!!!! Have any of you seen the Goonies by chance??? Sean Astin starred in that.
Impression of elijah wood... the bug-eyed hobbit ----------> Super Wow Smilie

Cory Feldman too...
Did anyone know that Elijah Wood was in Flipper the movie with Paul Hogan (Crocodile Dundee).
I heard about that but I am younger than Flipper, so I never really saw it.
I think he spends the film trying to get hold of RHCP tickets.
I have flipper on DVD... all of them... episodes.... *drool*

He was in 'North,' as well. (And I had a huge 4th grade crush on him because of it Wink Smilie )
He was in FoTE, TTWaE and RoTNE.....they sucked...
He was in Deep Impact too... he played the comet.
Juggling Smilie
I think I saw that movie, but the only non-LotR movie with him in it that I really remember was called The Faculty, I think.
I think i saw a car tire in Leathal Wepon 2 that looked suspicusly like Elijah....
Maybe, he was also in Spy Kids 3 for like three seconds. but those were the best three seconds of that whole movie!!!!!!!!!!!
*expecting a flood of furious answers*

What is so great about Elijah Wood? *hides*
Ask my sister, Tommie, hehehe...
well it is time elijah got SOME attention.[even though he is all mine! Smile Smilie ]

but get this---every year in the summer there is a comic convention in
san diego[my home town] and elijah comes to it! i havent met him yet but have seen him and i plan to meet him this summer, and when i do....i am
going to *blush* give him a love poem of mine and *blush* steel a kiss, on the lips of course! hehehehe! i cant wait!
Oh gosh...has anyone seen deep impact....i cried in it...but then agian smiled because elijah is so darn cute!
He's also in Forever Young with Mel Gibson. I didn't see the whole movie, though my Mom did. I think he was briefly in Back to the Future 2, but I can't be sure, (he was one of the boys playing in the arcade I think). I can't say I've ever had a crush on him, right now Orlando Bloom is too high on my list of Best Looking Actors (he's the only person I've ever seen who looks good with unnatural blonde hair).