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well in this very own Green Dragon i am guessing happened something I thought was rather funny. In the ROTk movie, theres lil ol Rose hanging out here. Sam looks at his buddies then he goes off somewhere with Rose but I dont know. We didnt see what was happening but the other hobbits did!!! I am glad I didnt.
I hardly think that anything happened in a crowded tavern. Wink Smilie
heheh, same here,Stoney, same here... Maybe they just wanted to talk in privacy, hmm? Wink Smilie
After all, he was planning on taking off on a year-long journey and wasn't sure if he could be back. He had to tell her that he never would forgive her, if while he was gone, she took up with that Theodore Sandyman, even if he did own a mill. She said she would wait for Sam's return, but he also had better not fool around with any of those foreign girls. And so they held hands and then parted with a lingering smooch. Which was the norm for nice hobbits in the days that Tolkien was writing about.
Hehehe, that is sweet, Grondy Happy Elf Smilie
yes, it is... Did you notice that before he left, he drank one sip of his ale and he was gone. It's like Green Dragon's Pantented LIQUID COURAGE!!! lol sorry, i's not well at times. Very Mad Smilie
After re-reading Wooffy_iluvatar's post and having just re-wached RotK , I find my answer was for the FotR, not RotK: the correct answer follows.

Obviously, after having thought about it back there on the side of Mount Doom, amongst all that deadly flowing lava, Sam took Rosie to the back room where they could get some privacy. And on bowed knee before her, he asked for her hand in marriage. And seeing as how she had waited around for him, while she felt he had been wasting a whole year getting around to it, she said yes.
Ooh! Thats soooo romantic.
Damn, I'm getting all mushy in my old age! ^_^