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Hey all you fellow alcoholics: I have the official rules for the fellowship of the ring drinking game, but i was wondering if any one had the rules for the Two Towers or Return of the king. I could make them up but the Empire was are quite good, and well i can't be bothered being creative. Well im going to go have a pint at my local, see you there.
Moderator Smilie Please note that PT and the PT Council do not encourage or condone underage drinking. Thanks and pardon the interruption. Elfy. Moderator Smilie
Yes, us alchoholics don’t condone it either.
Great Post! Greeeat Post. I would have to say that I have no idea how any other movie drinking game works. I know the Star Wars version, though. We could say that everytime you see someone holding a sword you take a drink. Everytime you see Mount Doom you take two, for It is Evil. Umm, when Gollum speaks in first person plural? When ever "Smeagol" is mentioned, take two.
Yessssssssss! And every time a new person adds to this, take THREE drinks! Cheers to whoever thought this up!(slugs back rum/coke). Very Evil Smilie
Underage drinking bad. Well actually you spin this wheel thing and chose a character and drink every time your character does the listed thing. Such as the person who has frodo drinks whenever frodo touches the ring, merry and pipin eating but my favorite is theperson who ends up with legolas because they have to take a sip for every arrow that he fires. So its quite fun also the dressing up side, its a rather good exuse to put on a cape and strap on a plastic sword.
You can also play an underage version of this, you know. Boring, you'll say, because no alcohol is involved, but there are a great many underaged kids around here, so maybe this would be a good idea:

You can play exactly by the rules, but drink water or lemonade instead. The person who has to go to the loo first, loses. Elk Grinning Smilie
Yeah and not just for thoes who are under age. If you have people who are driving and who cant drink they can use soft drink (soda) or whatever. Wow great suggestion Tommie. Thanks i didn't think of that but that means more people can play, like i have friends who don't drink and now they don't have to be excluded.
In Belgium this is a game rather well known to students... We call it a "cantus" (from Latin), and it is played in very large groups, sometimes with, sometimes without alcohol. Depends on the age of the participants... Animated Wink Smilie