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Thread: Elves and gastric eruptions.

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Yeah i kinda agree. I mean its just gone to far Sorry guys.
Moderator Smilie Okay, we've had our fun and heard enough on this topic.

As Planet-Tolkien's bit towards cutting back on global warming, I'm locking this thread to reduce the amount of methane gas produced by the 'Great Toothless One'. Moderator Smilie
Moderator Smilie The Council apologises for leaving this thread locked for so long. That was not our intention, merely an oversight. The thread is now unlocked and you are free to continue the discussion. Enjoy. Elk Grinning Smilie

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well its not exactly the same without darous and ross(i know ross is gone and i havnt seen any new posts from dar)and the discussion is pretty much over anyway.anything that eats farts(among other things)and all the races of Middle-Earth eat,therefore have gastric eruptions(among other things)with the exception of Ents,who only drink(i think).
Well, maybe they just do quiet ones, and you don't notice. Who says Ents have the same anatomy as us? Hmmmm?
Ents suck a lot of moisture in through their toes too. Also as they perspire a lot through their hair, they have very little need for your normal plumbing system. Of course all this is pure conjecture on my part.
anything that eats farts

But did you know that seagulls cannot burp? In fact if you feed them a fish laced with ample quanties of sodium bicarbonate (baking powder) their stomachs explode (do not try at home kids!!!)
And you know this.. how, Valedhelgwath?

Been experimenting? Wink Smilie
Let's just say, I've been told. Angel Smilie

Apparently it's something to do with a valve in the their oesophagus not letting air back out quite as readily as my own.