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I started a thread sometime back on this topic, however, I have since lost it (Why hasn't someome made me write a search feature for PT yet!!! j/k I know you have asked and asked), and secondly I managed to drown myself in work so never actualy got out of my own front door.

Well, things have changed. Two days ago I quit my new job in london, have saved up some pennies and in two weeks am planning on leaving England on my travels.

My first intentions were to visit Rednell, but at this moment it's not convenient until January, so... anyone else who is not in the UK that I know, fancy being visited, housing me for a week or so* Big Smile Smilie I'm clean, good sense of humour and can cook, so, it's not all bad.

Let me know folks.
What a pity the UK is out of the question.... will I ever get my hands on taz's boxers?

Wiggle Smilie
taz, I was serious. You're invited to come at my place and it's festival time here right now and it's winter, so you would be comfortable here too!!

P.S. Btw, if you don't remember, I live in Mumbai, India
Aaaaaargh!! You know I'd love too, but I can't. No room, no time. Exploding Head Smilie Later, my fluffy king! Later!
No room for me? Shaking Head Smilie

Where will Taz end up this Christmas he wonders Smiling Santa Smilie
Amarie - can you redraw the Fraggle as the Little Matchgirl, shivering in the cold and snow and looking through the brightly lit windows at warm fires and food.....?
Aww, my poor king! Emotional blackmail, that's what this is! Someone must have room for the lill fraggle. He is acutally a quite cute human too!
But he wants to be out of the UK........ can't help with that one.
Yes, my dear benevolent leader Taz, I too must apologize for not being able to extend a simple courtesy of welcoming you to my home. I hope other PT members in the States are able to do better and that you have a chance to experience our country through the eyes of a welcomed guest. Happy trails to you though....please post some journal entries during your travels so we can read about your adventures! Love from Iowa.
The little matchfraggle
Big Laugh Smilie Very good Ama!

Sorry, Taz old boy, I haven't got my own place yet so it can't be me.

Maybe you could travel about and sing christmas carols during the holidays to earn room and board?

I have moved into a larger home here in the greater Phoenix area of the U.S. and have a bit of extra room now, and seeming how mine and my husband's family never come to visit, though they're only three-hundred miles away, we would love to have a guest-and especially during the Holidays, and extra-especially a guest as highly honored as yourself, Tarrant. If you meander this way, please let me know ahead of time so that we can make your stay nice and comfy! Honestly, mi casa es su casa! Smile Smilie
Yey! And she speaks a language the fraggle understands too! Wohoo!!
I have e-mailed you with regards to your warm invite Laurelindhe ilmarin!
And thank you Amarie for the wonderful drawing Smile Smilie
Glad you liked it, hun. Kiss Smilie
Hey - it was me that prompted you to do it. Don't I get hugs and thanks? (pout) I feel all left out now. And hurt. And sad. I need to crawl away and hide, sobbing... sobbing.....

(Drama Queen or what!)
There there, Vee, *hands Vee a tissue* you are not forgotten. Orc Grinning Smilie

Gonna be seeing the world, eh Taz?

And where are you going? Fraggle is going, YAAAY!!!!! Birthday Smile Smilie Get out the tinsel!!!! HAng on, he's not gone yet. Very Sad Smilie JUST JOKES!!!!!! *begins crying at the thought of the website running without the beloved Taz to see things over*
Whether it is a consolation or the very opposite I'm not so sure of, Vee, but I just chatted with Vir on MSN for half an hour before he realized he was talking to me and not you! We must be very similar!! Shocked Smilie So when did you learn Norwegian and German? Big Smile Smilie

*goes into Vee mode* Where did the red wine go?
Now that is cosy!
Calling yourself Veeble might have something to do with it the confusion, Grev. But I think Vir must have been a little sleepy that day. Tongue Smilie
Yes it was your idea, Vee, thank you, but I did all the work! Wink Smilie
Yes it was your idea, Vee, thank you, but I did all the work!

As it should be, Amarie, as it should be....

Whether it is a consolation or the very opposite I'm not so sure of, Vee, but I just chatted with Vir on MSN for half an hour before he realized he was talking to me and not you! We must be very similar!! So when did you learn Norwegian and German?

Grev - considering my conversations with Vir usually take the form of:

You're wrong.
No, you're wrong.
I'm right.
You are not.
I am.
You think?
Well, not this time.
Prove it.
Don't have to...
Whatdyerrmean Ha!
You lost.
Did not.
Did too!

You should be horrified! Run away now!

Veeble? Red wine? Mmmm.... Veebles wobble but they won't fall down?
As it should be, Amarie, as it should be....

When it comes to Fraggle business, yes! You can't be trusted around our Fluffy King. I'm sure you are a part of the reason why Taz and his boxers are fleeing the country. Wary Smilie Wink Smilie

Oooo sorry, it was Veevil not Veeble!
Veevil! EvilVee! No wonder poor Virumor was confused. Bad GrevRevMactavish!

Whatdyermean I can't be trusted?

Methinks you are right Amarie - he is not fleeing the UK, he is fleeing me! EvilweevilVee!
Methinks you are right Amarie

As it should be, Vee, as it should be...
Hi Tarrant! My husband and I will be in Phoenix Nov. 24th through the 28th, and then Dec. 24th through the 27th, but we will be in the San Francisco area at all other times. Oh wait, I lied, we will be in LA from Dec. 11th through the 14th. In any case, if you are looking for a place to stay around Dec. 14th, or are even interested in traveling by car to and from Phoenix around Christmas, we live in the suburbs outside of San Francisco; it's just a short train ride into the city. Let me know if you are interested! We have both traveled around the world and know the importance of having places to stay while on the road. I will be done with finals Dec. 15th, and would be able to show you around more at that time. Oh, my husband is from England too, so he could be your partner in crime. Smile Smilie
OMG Ama, your drawing is perfect! Too cool! I guess one might even say that your Fraggle drawing rocks (sorry bad one I know, but I couldn't resist)!
Elf Winking Smilie