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I'll be in Sheffield (actually Rotherham) in April visiting my husband's family. Any tips on things to do or places to see? I love York and the Peak District. Any other tips would be great!
Yorkshire is beautiful but it depends what you like. Visit Glastonbury if you like the weird and spiritual, Oxford for dreaming spires and Tolkien country....... Berkshire for the Queen and me!

A trip to the Lake District is definitely worth it. It's like the Peak District but with bigger mountains and lakes.
Thanks, Vee and Val. I just looked at Glastonbury on the web; the bit about all of the ley lines crossing there is interesting. I'm definitely planning on visiting the Lake District too. I would love to walk the Pennine Way one day. Has anyone ever done that? Oh, and I did notice that the Sheffield Half Marathon will be going on at the same time I will be there, so I signed up for that. My husband just laughed at me and said, "What, do you plan on taking pictures of slag heaps?"
Slag heaps!!! My favourite food!! Alas, I have not returned to England for ten years now. But I'm going there in three years time. I've persuaded my parents to let me go to Oxford University. If I get in. WHICH I WILL!!! And I just can't wait to visit Port MEadow. And Merton STreet, the last cobbled street!!!! Is it still cobbled? I read the Oxford travel book a while ago. And that weirdo library that has really old books CHAINED TO THE SHELVES!!!! And you need to provide references to read them.
And that weirdo library that has really old books CHAINED TO THE SHELVES!!!! And you need to provide references to read them.
I'm afraid that those are found at Unseen University located in beautiful Ankh-Morpork Loni, and a banana or two are required to read them. Elk Grinning Smilie
Darn, I came in today, Vee, thinking that you lived in Buckinghamshire, and I got all excited because that's where Robert Lindsay lives, and I'm a big Robert Lindsay fan, but alas, you live in Berkshire. Is it close? Smile Smilie
Yep, close. Next door as counties go. Not far at all, but then compared to USA nowhere within England is very far away.
Eruwen, you are so, so lucky...

Okay, I may have asked this before, but as memories go, mine is horrible, so I'll just have to ask again because I am an ignorant American whose geographical knowledge of the beautiful British isles is limited, to put it nicely:
Is Leeds far from Berkshire and the like? I've heard mixed things about Leeds-but my great-grandmother, Phyllis Jaggar, was born and raised in Leeds and I was just curious as to whether or not it is a nice place, or rather industrial as I've heard. Anyway, if anyone runs into a Jaggar in Leeds, ask whether they know who Phyllis is. She is literally 98-years-old, so I doubt that there would actually be anyone old enough to remember her themselves, but...anyway...
Leeds is quite some distance from Berkshire - about 5 hours drive I think. My husband has family in Leeds and I know some people there. It is industrial but set in lovely countryside. The city has some fantastic architecture - I prefer the old to the modern stuff. I remember driving round the ring-road for hours trying to get round to the other side... but I'm not terribly familiar with the area.
Thanks, Vee. All of your countryside is gorgeous, from what I've seen, so I'm not surprised that Leeds has some too. So lucky! And those pretty hedges along the cobblestone streets in some areas...**sigh**

Eruwen, have you ever had Yorkshire Pudding? Trust me, try some while you're there with a nice roast beef...TO DIE FOR!!! Especially all smothered in gravy...