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In light of what’s transpired, regardless of anything, just wanted to take a moment to say thanks for all the hard work you’ve put into PT over the years, and for affording so many of us the opportunity to have such a great place to share in, and discuss Tolkien’s world!

I’m sure it must be hard to let PT go, but I think the majority of us can understand and respect your decision to do so, and realize that you had to make a personal decision for you, and you knew the time had come.

Anyway, thanks again Taz for getting this place off the ground, and for all of your efforts over the years for PT!

I’m sure someone else will probably come along and put it a little bit better than I did, but best of luck to you amigo!


Orc With Thumbs Up Smilie
I'll double that. Don't become a stranger Taz...
Thank you for taking a dream, nurturing it, and bringing it to the light of reality for all who find it to share. I know it must be very hard to tell your baby goodbye, so for all it is worth, you have succeeded in bringing your vision to full fruition and you have given a great gift to all of us.

Thank you.
All I can think of to say is: "Amen to that!"

Thank you, Taz, for this website!

It's still to early in the day for a beer, but tonights beer will be on Taz.
Cheers. To Taz
Yeah... haven't been here very long, but this is a TRULY AWESOME website, and I too would like to say thank you very much for making this wonderful place.
Yep, ditto, Mate.

More than just a website, you've pulled a community of people from across the globe together. We'll do our best to make your vision live on after you have gone. My very best wishes for any future projects you might have, and please, please, don't be too much of a stranger.
Yes, cheers to Taz and good luck to you! You've made it possible for me and many others to meet lots of quality friends, as well as learn more about the good professor's work. I hope you continue to bless others with future projects that are just as rewarding. Webmasters may come and go, but there will be only one Fraggle King Taz! I Jumping Flame Smilie
Seven years of creating a Fellowship like this. You bow to no one!

Thanks a bunches! Happy Elf Smilie
Thank Taz! All your hard work has paid off over the years! Look at this beautiful realm you've created. Your hard work has been the joy of many. Hats off to you Taz, you're amazing! I
awwww shucks, thanks folks. But trust me, you will love the new couple... I will see if I can get him to show his face, hang-on Smile Smilie
Hi Everybody, Errm well I'm actually quite nevous about this post as it's both my first one and i now own the site!

I guess i just want to reassure you all that i'll preserve the identity and community of the site - i love what's here! I do have a few ideas, getting the guide project online, getting back the photo galleries, bringing more content online and a sister site covering c s lewis but they'll be some lengthy discussions with the council before anything happens!

You'll also meet Holly soon - a good friend of mine who will take the lead in content while i concentrate on technical matters.

So a Big Hello - go ahead and let me know what sort of direction you think the site should take and what your hopes and fears are for the new owner and i'll do my best to respond

I'll just leave this box of tissues here. By the look of this thread, we're gonna need it.

Well what can I say? You will always be the king, Taz. And you have the drawing to prove it. Smile Smilie
Good luck on your future projects and plans, and watch out for gorgs who try to step on you and keep you down and makes you want to run and hide. Fraggles always make it! Fraggles can't be beaten.

You're a though act to follow, but we'll be nice to the New Ruler and do our best for PT, as we have and will continue to do. Happy Elf Smilie
Oh, there he is! See what happens when TV distracts me from paying attention to this site.

Hello Grep! Waving Hello Smilie
I am one of the CMs, and we've been waiting impatiently to meet you. I am looking forward to get to know you better and for you to get to know us better.

Welcome to PT, Grep and Holly!
Welcome Grep!!!! All ya gotta do is get an avatar now, so we know how weird you are. Is it true you paid 6,600 pounds for thiis little ol' site? THAT'S TWENTY THOUSAND NZ DOLLARS!!!!

But Taz... you will still post occasionally, won't you??

Waving Hello Smilie Hi there,
Yes it's true i paid 6,600 pounds for the site! Sorry i didin't get back to you sooner i was just making dinner! I'm just writing and e-mail to the council and i will get an avatar just a soon as i can think of somthing suitablely wierd and spooky!
C. S. Lewis eh? Sounds interesting. I'm sure I'm not the only one who wants to know more about you, your interest in Tolkien, your plans...... but take your time... OK, I'm impatient!

Welcome. Be gentle with us.

(Amarie, I suppose we shouldn't fire up the BBQ on this occasion, should we?)

A really, really, really big thanks to Taz for everything you've done and I hope we'll continue seeing you. And a warm welcome to Grep and Hollly. I'm sure you guys will do an awesome job keeping this site going. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
(Probably not, Vee. We should at least wait for Holly. )
*smiles sweetly*
Well, I have been at a loss for words, of late. So I will see what comes out of my fingertips.
Taz, you have done such wonderous things for Tolkien fans with your creation. I visited many sites in my search for a Tolkien site that was welcoming and informative. From the very first day, I felt so welcomed here. Even the webmaster sent warm greetings and talked with me in the chatroom. That is what makes you so special , Taz. Thank-you for being a friend.
The PT chatroom was the most positive chatroom experience I have ever had. Before I knew it, I was part of the PT family.
It has been and still is a great honour to serve as a council member.
I wish you all the best in your new adventures, hun. I hope that you take that dream trip to Australia.
The time has come for your life to take a new direction and I will be brave and let you go without too many tears. Just make sure you post a journal or 2 so we don't lose track of you.

Welcome to our PT family, Grep and Holly. I look forward to sharing ideas and discussing your visions for the site. We do have a great council and an equally great membership, who will ,no doubt, be inundating you with ideas very soon.

Thanks for the memories Taz! I Without you we never could have had this place to share and enjoy each other, and all things Tolkien.

And a big HELLO to Grep and Holly. Orc Grinning Smilie May your purchase of Planet-Tolkien cause it to mature into an even finer website than it is today, and may we also become your friends. I Love You Smilie
Cheers Taz, and look after, and if you get to Ausie, remember it's just a quick hop accross the ditch to Kiwi Land Wink Smilie and G'day Grep and Holly, Welcome and congratulations.
Alas i never had the opportunity to speak to Taz, i feel like i missed out! I didn't join PT until near the end of Taz's rein... I still wish you good luck with your future, and congrats are that large sum of money for the sale of this site, that seems like a good chunk of change for a website. Although i do understand you dedicated 7 years of your life and i'm sure it wasn't easy to part from your creation. Kinda like selling a vehicle that you've had for a few years, you get to know it, inside and out.

I'll just end it here, because any other complements would, most likely, be just repeating what someone else already said.
Oh No! This thread is starting to sound like an obituary....

I'm just so miffed I never got my hands on his boxers!

Have fun taz - and come back and visit often! We'll miss you.
You'll also meet Holly soon - a good friend of mine who will take the lead in content while i concentrate on technical matters.

Waving Hello Smilie @ Holly
More than just a website, you've pulled a community of people from across the globe together.

So true, and probably the greatest thing about PT!

Anyway, I know Tarrant is still at least going to be around for a bit helping with the transfer of the site, but I must say it’s nice to see all of the responses so far in this thread, and that was my hope! I really do feel that any of us that have ever spent any time here owes thanks to Tarrant!
Happy Elf Smilie
Ya did a great job with this site Taz, an absolutely excellent job!!!

Best of luck to you and may the Valar watch over you.

Taz, mate, I reall should tell you how great job have you done.. all this years this has been like a second home for many of us. Even for those like me that appears for a while, then goes away again for some time.. but I knew all that time that there was that special place i could come around and things will just be as nice as the last time i left... this is like home for many of us... we wander around through the world, minding our own business.. but sooner or later, we come here for a rest...thank you once again mate..
Taz mate......i cant even start....waaahaaa!! Elf With a Big Grin Smilie Kiddin.
Taz, you made PT!!! And cause of that ill never forget you. Good on ya mate!! Cheers!
Dont let the blues get ya. Everyone here at PT is gona remember you 4 evaa. No worries! Orc With Thumbs Up Smilie