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You are very brave Taz.

It wouldn't work for me though or did New Line get here before I did?Very Sad Smiliesad:sadSad Smilie
Should do, it will take a while to show up on the page due to the amount of people trying to watch it and slo you must have Quicktime installed.
****ing quicktime again...:boom I'll have another go at dling it, but I bet it don't work for me still....
approx. 1800 posts actually, and registered sometime in 2000, not last week.

Now look at your post count, better? :angel
It works! Takes a while, but is awesome! Cool Smilie Thanks heaps!
Yes, Thanks from me too. I'm glad I read this thread because I also thought it was broken and hadn't waited long enough. It was well worth the wait.

Quicktime still knackered for me, oh well....
Thanks for the boost Taz! Very kind Big Smile SmilieCool SmilieSmoke Smilie
(Only just noticed it, and I've been through the whole forum in the last half hour or so, DOH!)

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Ha Ha Ha Smilie
The preview's great! You're the best, Taz! *cheers*
Long live the Moderator Smilie !
Duck Smilie
I can't get the preview to work...*sniffle sniffle*...stupid computer...Paranoid Smilie
It takes a *long time* to load and make sure you have Quicktime 4 installed.
And I believe it is Quicktime 5 that is needed now.
OOOPS...Sorry yes it is, thanks Grondy.
Doesn't take me that long to load. And I don't have a fast computer. I do have QUICKtime on the other hand... Animated Wink Smilie
Quicktime works better if its on your computer, not your hand....Rolling Eyes Smilie
Ha Ha Ha Smilie
Indeed? Hmmm... Very Big Grin Smilie
Dunce Smilie
Just popped back to let you know that I got the trailer to work!!! Yaayy!
Elf Smilie Pary Smilie Christmas Smilie Birthday Smile Smilie Cool Smilie Ha Ha Ha Smilie (and any other happy-cons!)
Was really good too! Double cant wait fot the film now! No sign of Elladan and Elrohir, but hey, it is only the trailer. Arwen looks very very pleased to see Aragorn. Nice. I cant wait until she encounters Eowyn though.

OOOHHHHH, I am so excited!!

*runs back for another look at it.

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The trailer that follows the movie in cinema is longer, much longer though. But no Elladan and Elrohir there either... Is that a good or a bad sign? Animated Wink Smilie
Elladan and Elrohir. Shaking Head Smilie Would it have been too much for PJ to round up a hunky pair of twins and put them in costume for us fans? We need some fresh hunk-a-rama to drool over!
Pixie Smilie Elf Smilie Tongue Smilie

[Edited on 16/5/2002 by Allyssa]
Check this out! It's not as clear as Taz's version, but it has a certain EXTRA something....
Is it just me or does this link not work? Disturbed Smilie
It worked for me, but I had to wait quite a while for it to load, minutes compared to seconds for the forum. It looks like it was shot in a theatre from the screen, but appears to be the full trailer with more scenes than the one that Taz got for us.
Took me ages to download, but I got there in the end. I liked that extra something... Big Smile Smilie
It does take a while even on my 1meg connection but it's well worth the wait Wink Smilie
It sure is!! Thumbs Up Smilie