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umm....would a moderator please tell me if this pic is appropriate for a avatar....SO DONT GO THERE UNLESS YOURE A MOD! i think its fine but others may disagree....
The picture itself looks okay, Elrose, as far as not breaking any of our Family Friendly rules are concerned. The only problem may be one of copywrite. If you have taken the picture from someone elses painting without their permission, you could be in breach of copywrite. It's unlikely anyone would get too concerned over this, but it is a possibilty. Not so long back we had high powered lawyers trying to shut the site down because the content (and very name of the site) was in breach of copywrite.

Sorry, when I wrote this earlier, I thought you were referring to your current avatar. I've checked the other picture, though, and it seems fine to me. Some animal lovers might find it disturbing how you've managed to stuff a cat into a funnel, but personally, I think it's something that should happen more often. Big Smile Smilie
yeah i figured something like that but i didnt do it....if you go to www.bonsaikitten(s?).com then you can see the site of the peolpe who pretended to do this.