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Yay! I got Hired!!Where I'm Starting! I am Starting to work Full-time starting Monday for McDonald's as a crew person. That's not the good news I have Been Promised to be the restaurant manager in less than a year!!!!! And this is my first ever job so I am REALLY Excited Smile Smilie Any Advice for not getting nervous and doing well??
Tiger(Who just finished the interview)

P.S Here Is one of their job sites and one of the cool things is that Mcdonald's Will train you for ALL of those jobs on this site
Congratulations on your new job!!!! I dont have any good advice for not getting nervous but BE YOURSELF !!! Im sure thats why they hired you !! Good luck!!!
Just avoid everything that Paris & Nicole did when they were working in that fastfood-restaurant (oxymoron?) and you'll be fine.
It is good to be working these days. But for employment in any fast-food chain, keep these points in mind:

1. Do not believe any promises that you will be a manager unless you know there will be a new store you can relocate to.

2. Do not work OT without fair pay, or less than 40 hrs. while they say you are FT.

3. Do not accept to close up shop at night unless the neighborhood is safe or there is someone big and burley helping you.

4. Do not forget that while they may be able to replace you easily enough, they also can be replaced easily enough.

5. Do not wonder at all the hunger in this country and abroad when you see the food the restaurant wastes.
Just practice saying, "Would you like fries with that, Sir?"
Congratulations, Tiger.
my first job was a student page in the public library. And now I am manager of one of the libraries. But it took a whole lot more than a year.
Good Luck and enjoy!
Good for you Tiger! And great that you are looking at how they can train you. Take everything they give. Have pride in your job and do it well.

As for being nervous - smile inside, it gives you confidence.
I That's good advise.
Congrats, Tiger! I know you will do a good job. Orc With Thumbs Up Smilie
TIGER!!!!! *tacklehugs* I'm sooooooo excited for you and i'm telling u this for what like the 60th time since u told me. I'm sure you'll do fine an awesome job, and definitely be yourself and make sure to have point in being a manager if ur bored beyond belief while there. =P
Congratulations, Tiger!

Be polite to the customers!
My dad was a manager at a McDonalds where he grew up. Some words of wisdom from him:
1. Don't let the customers push you around. They are paying for their food, not to torture you and make you their servant.
2. The customer is not always right and should not always get whatever they demand and think they should. Story: My dad had a guy come up to the counter and bring back a bite of a Big Mac, all that was left (he at 90% of the burger), and claimed that it didn't taste right and wanted his money back. My dad simply smiled at him and told him that because he ate more than half of it he would not get his money back but get a coupon for a free Big Mac the next time he came in. The customer was mad, but my dad's supervisor was very happy with my dad.
3. Just be polite no matter what you say. As long as you smile and look confident things will go smoother.
4. Just have fun Smile Smilie and try not to get too stressed over the little things. That will just make your job 10x harder.
Congrats! Nothing like landing your first job!

Manager in a year, eh? That's great. I am halfway through my training for an Assistant Manager position right now. And my DM called m today asking if I would be willing to relocate for a Manager's position.

It's all about first impressions, and your work ethic.

For my bit of advise, always do your best and go the extra mile when you need to.
Quick update, I made manager about a month ago - not a resturant manager a normal one. And I currently make 12.79 an hour (More than most ppl) 'cause I such a good worker Smile Smilie
Congrats, Tiger! Good to see you, btw. I'm glad that your good work ethic has paid off-keep plugging away at it and you'll own the entire chain of fast food stores by the time you're twenty-five! Way to go!
Getting paid is really nice.