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What should we do with the matrix elrond?

* throw him in the ckracks of doom
* Drop him of the ships somewhere in between the grey havens and the west
* ignore him
* Pick him as the man of the year instead of Guilliani
* Give him his sunglasses back
* let some orcs feast on his vital organs
* put him as front guard in the battle before the black gates
* let him Wonder around in fangorn with treecutting equipment
* let it be

Or: what was the best part of the movie
* The fireworks / the farewell party
* rivendell
* the moria sequence
* the scene on the shores of amon sul
* Loth Lorien
* "The End"
* the prologue
* Gandalf vs. Saruman
* the orcs making dungeons etc in Sarumans front garden
* up on the mountain of caradhras
* Arwen racing to the ford of bruinen

[Edited on 29/12/2001 by Boring]
I agree with Boring, on both counts, though I think you should replace Elrond with Enya!
lol Smile Smilie
The new poll is good, though Boring's first suggestion would have been great too! LOL! Big Smile Smilie
Great poll, Boring, I see that it's up now!

This isn't quite a poll, Taz, but how about 'How the characters in the movie lived up to your expectations on a 1 to 10 scale' . We did something similar for the Dune movies & miniseries on afd - trouble is, there are so many characters to chose from. Our poll list ended up with about 50 characters....Nah...back to the drawing board!
This poll is really good actually. Big Smile Smilie I like it! Pity you can make only one post per day though. Hard, but fair. Sad Smilie
And why would you need to post more?
So that... oh well. Don't know really. :P
Big Smile Smilie

On your ideas for the film Elrond:

Liked the idea of throwing him overboard halfway to Tol Eressea.

Or better yet - let the Book Elrond (the real one) deal with him. But only give the real one a sword.
Big Smile Smilie
I like the option of letting some Orcs dance on his vital organs... Smile Smilie
Or what about throwing him into the Cracks of doom with a Balrog up his neck? Big Smile Smilie
I've decided to ignore him. (in the film, I mean) Think that's the best option. He's not that important in the movie, anyway... Smile Smilie
I say give the man his glasses back, that way less people will hit him. Poor fella.
Sparring against the real "Mccoy" would be nice! and give him the advantage of a sword.. I like it, there's nothing better then an unfair fight so you'll know you'll win
Here's a suggestion Taz, an advertising section to keep those pesky fly-by-night posters happy.
whoopsie a made a bit of a mistake.... Amon sul should be Amon Hen Smile Smilie
Thought I was right there, but I never said it out loud I think... Wink Smilie
Let's get an ad section, please! Would make so bigga difference! :P
An 'ad section has been placed under "Misc".
I'm with Ungoliant... 1 to 10 scale or 5 stars or whatever.
Some general suggestions. I apologise if they are stupid

1. When one is logged into the chat room, if another person joins in, could it ring a bell or something. That way, if we are in another window, we will know there is someone there to talk to...

2. Could we possibly have alisting of cyber speak shorthand? I dont know them all, and would appreciate something we could print out. I only just figured out that brb means be right back. I though people were burping at me. Big Smile Smilie Big Smile Smilie
*burp* Wink Smilie
Allyssa...I started a list of abbreviations and their meanings over in Prancing Pony under "cyber chatter." hope it helps a bit Smile Smilie
Thanks Chicka Big Smile Smilie Big Smile Smilie
Good going Chika. Thanks, I needed that.
New poll, how about:

Which actor's performance least suited your pre-movie image of his/her character?
-same guys as in the previous poll.

If that's too negative, then Which character/s from the movie scared you most?
1) Saruman
2) The Nazghul
3) Prancing Pony clientele
4) Bilbo going Gollum-ish
5) Galadriel's 'Evil Queen' scene
6) The Nazghuls' horses
7) Sauron at the Battle of the Last Alliance
8) Lurtz
9) The Eye of Sauron
10) The Balrog
11) The Cave troll
12) The Watcher in the Water

Dunno, can't think right now. Will think of a better poll tomorrow.
Ungoliant: Best way to get a poll to Taz is via private postBody thingy. That way you can ensure he will read it when he logs on, as he may not get to the forum every day. Smile Smilie
Yours in on, Golly, well done! Good one too. I don't have much inspiration today. Cool Smilie
Well we can have one in honour of your character, Tommy! Smile Smilie

Who/what was Tom Bombadil?
1) Aule in disguise
2) One of Ulmo's vassals
3) Earth spirit
4) Elf
5) Aule's vassal
6) Fire spirit
7) Ent
8) The Witch King in disguise Wink Smilie
9) A renegade Maia
10) Man
11) Farmer Maggot in disguise
12) Other

Big Smile Smilie
Okay gang, Taz needs another poll with between twelve and five choices.

Ungy: I sent him the one above, in case he missed it., but he still needs more.
Okay, this isn't a poll suggestion, but I couldn't find anywhere else for it. I notice there are a number of writers contributing to this forum. Is anyone interested in workshopping? Could we have an online workshop forum where we could email stuff to each other? Taz?

As for the poll, err.....
Guess Legolas Age?
Galadriels Age?
Which scene did you find the most moving in the film?
Which scene did you find the most moving in the book?
(Comparison of stats might be interesting there.)
Most beautiful character (man or woman)?
Character who achieves the most?
Character who achieves the least?
If the Silmarillion were to be made into a film, (and I hear a radiacal rumour to that effect) which actor would make the best:
Feanor? Celebrimbor? Thingol? Tuor? Turin? Young Galadriel? Morgoth? Ungoliant? Huan? Beren? Finrod?

I don't know if any of those suggestions are any good. Sorry, its the best I could do!
Gosh Grondie, my poll was a joke for Tommy - didn't think Taz would put it up. Will have think of more serious polls. Smile Smilie
Allysa: I will see if I can make any of these work, thanks.

Ungoliant: I know, I expected him to reject it when I forwarded it to him;m he must have been desparate. :P Smile Smilie
The new poll (about the Sil film) is ok, but it's only for readers of the Sil... :smoke
Ungy: I voted for "the witch king in disguise" Wink Smilie What else?? :grin
Tommy, I'm sorry about the poll not being all inclusive. It is hard to come up with a new poll every week or two. If you or anyone esle have any suggestions that we could use for future polls, Taz and I would welcome them.
Just out of interest has anyone read or discovered an Inn of which we have not included on the forum yet?
Grondy: that's ok. The new poll's great, btw.
Taz: I have re-read the book recently, and I didn't come across one, no. Dunce Smilie
Wahoo!!! I found a new Inn: The Floating Log.

Answer today's Trivia question to find out where it is located. Very Evil Smilie
Pixie Smilie
Was that one in LOTR? Surely not! Shocked Smilie
In Frogmorton, I believe, Tom.
Huh? Whatsthat? Disturbed Smilie
*weary sigh*
I often wonder if you've ever read Lord of the Rings you know Tommy... Wink Smilie

Tommy...go check out the trivia thread (wherever it is...don't remember just now...General Discussion?)...explaination of Frogmorten and all that a few days ago, I think.
I will... Disturbed Smilie

Plastic: I do read LOTR, but I don't seem to have a memory... Big Smile Smilie