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The Most Sexy Fantasy / Sci-fi Female Character EVER

Hi I hope I've posted this is in the right part of the forum.
I hope you will join in on a poll for The Most Sexy Cemale Character from Fantasy and Sci-Fi (T.V shows and Films).
This question will be posted across multiple forums to gather a wide scope of the choices. Nominations will end Friday then as soon as all nominations are gathered (hopefully Monday), then voting can start. Voting will be a points system.
5 your favorite then 4 next favorite in desending order. Please remember this voting is for the Character but it helps if you add Series and Actress as many may not know who the charcter is. I hope this answers any questions.
Female Aliens are welcome if that's what floats your boat.

I hope this goes well and when the voting is over we can do the same for the Male characters.
This is first post here and I hope to post more and get other cross forums polls going.

If there is any one who likes to organise on this forum who would like to help please let me know (every forum has at least one, you can pick this person(s) yourselves).
Then we can have more and biggrt faster and more accurate multi forum debates and polls.
I hope to bring a little fun to your forum and get to know a few new people.

Now get Nominating you have till Friday !
Here's some so far -

Aeryn Sun - (Farscape) Claudia Black
Alexa Woods - Alien Vs Predator - Sanaa Lathan
Altaira-Anne Francis-Forbidden Planet
Arwen - Lord Of The Rings - Liv Tyler
Ayla Daryl - Clan of the Cave Bear 86 - Daryl Hannah
Barbarella (Barbarella 1968) Jane Fonda
Carmen Ibanez (’Starship Troopers’ 1997) Denise Richards
Catwoman/Selina Kyle - Batman Returns - Michelle Pfeiffer
Chloe Sullivan - (Smallville) Allison Mack
Chloe Sullivan - Allison Mack - Smallville
Claire. Lost.
Cordelia (Buffy/Angel) - Buffy/Angel Charisma Capenter
Daena - Planet of the Apes (remake) - Estelle Warren
Dana Scully - The X Files - Gillian Anderson
Dayna Mellanby - Blake's 7 -Josette Simon
Dr Diane Hughes - Keegan Connor Tracy - Jake 2.0
Dr. Kaela Evers - Supernova -Angela Bassett
Electra King (Sophie Marceau) in The World Is Not Enough!
Electra King (The World Is Not Enough!) i The World Is Not Enough! Sophie Marceau
Eowyn Miranda Otto Lord of the Rings
Evangeline Lilly - (Lost) Kate
Faith - Faith True Calling Eliza Dushku
Fred - Amy Acker
Helen Lyle - Candyman - Virginia Madsen
Iilyria - Amy Acker
Ilsa - Judge Dredd -Joan Chen
Irina Derevko -Alias -(Lena Olin).
Isabel Evans - Roswell - Katherine Heigl
Jean Grey (’X-Men’ films 2000-2006) Famke Janssen
Jessica 6 - Logan's Run - Jenny Agutter
Jocelyn "Josie" Packard - Twin Peaks -Joan Chen
Kara Thrace (’Battlestar Galactica’ 2003-Present) Katee Sackhoff
Kaylee Frye (’Firefly’ 2002, ’Serenity’ 2005’) Jewel Staite
Kaylee-Jewel Staite-Firefly
Kes-Jennifer Lien-Voyager
Lana Lang (’Smallville’ 2001-Present) Kristin Kreuk
Laura Daughtery - Lake Bell - Surface
Leeloo (’The Fifth Element’ 1997) Milla Jovovich
Lexa Doig - Andromeda
Lexa Doig - Andromeda
Lieutenant Ezri Dax - DS9 - Nicole de Boer
Lisa - Weird Science - Kelly LeBrock
Loana of the Shell Tribe - One Million Years B.C. -Racquel Welch
Loana of the Shell Tribe-Racquel Welch- One Million Years B.C.
Lornette 'Mace' Mason - Strange Days - Angela Bassett
Louise Marcus- Highlander II - Virginia Madsen
Maria (Metropolis) Brigitte Helm
Martha Jones - Freema Agyeman - Doctor Who
Mary Jane Watson - Spiderman 123 - Kirsten Dunst
Max Guevera (’Dark Angel’ 2000-02) Jessica Alba
Max - Jessica Alba - Dark Angel
Ms Parker - Andrea Parker - The Pretender
Mystique (’X-Men’ franchise 2000-2006) Rebecca Romijn
Nyota Uhura - Stra Trek original series - Nichelle Nicholes
Padm’ Amidala (’Star Wars’ prequels 1999-2005) Natalie Portman
Paige Charmed - Rose McGowan
Princess Leia (Star Wars) Carrie Fisher
Red Sonja - Brigitte Nielsen
Ripley (Alien) Sigourney Weaver
Robin Lefler (’Star Trek: The Next Generation’ 1991) Ashley Judd
Rose Tyler - (Doctor Who) Billie Piper
Salma Hayek (Santanico Pandemonium) From Dusk Till Dawn
Sam Carter SG1
Sandra - Last Night - Sandra Oh
Santanico Pandemonium (Dusk Till Dawn) From Dusk Till Dawn Salma Hayek
Sarah Bracknell Bannerman - The Dead Zone - Nicole de Boer
Scully - X-Files
Seven of Nine (’Star Trek: Voyager’ 1997-2001) Jeri Ryan
Seven-of-Nine-Jeri Ryan-Star Trek: Voyager
SG1's old doc SG1 Teryl Rothbury?
Sharon Valeri (’Battlestar Galactica’ 2003-Present) Grace Park
Shirley Kwan - Purple Storm -Joan Chen
Sikozu Svala Shanti Sugaysi Shanu - Raelee Hill - Farscape
Sil (’Species’ 1995) Natasha Henstridge
Simone - S1m0ne - Rachel Roberts
Sue Storm (Jessica Alba)
Sun - Lost- Yunjin Kim
Supergirl/Linda Lee - Supergirl - Helen Slater
Toshiko Sato - Naoko Mori - Torchwood
T'pol (Star Trek:Enterprise) Jolene Blalock
Trillian (’The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy’ 2005) Zooey Deschanel
Trinity (The Matrix) Carrie Anne Moss
T-X (Terminator 3) Kristanna Loken
Vaako (The Chronicles of Riddick) Thandie Newton
Vala Mal Doran - Claudia Black - Stargate SG-1
Vanessa Kensington (from Austin Powers - International Man of Mystery)! Liz Hurley
Willow Buffy
Willow Rosenburg - (Buffy) Alyson Hannigan
Wonder Woman Lynda Carter 75-79
Xev Bellringer (’LEXX’ 1997-2002) Xenia Seeberg
Yuna - Deepwater Black - Nicole de Boer
Zev Bellringer (Lexx) Eva HabberMan
Zhora ( Blade Runner) Joanna Cassidy