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I've read the FAQs but I'm still curious... where exactly is the weather link to the site. I can't see one from anywhere in PT. Weather might not be a big deal, but I still want to know where I can check it. Paranoid Smilie
The weather section of our site has been permanently disabled/deleted/blown up, for the past year and half I believe... I remember, you had all the places in Middle-Earth that you could live in and then it would show a little picture of the weather, (rain, sun, sleet, snow, sunny but cloudy) and then, depending on the weather from where you are, and to the other member, an amount would be calculated on how much Mithril it would cost you to send a Personal Message... The Good Old Days... *sighs*
Even though i wasn't there, the 'good old days' sound pretty awesome. Wish somebody would bring it back....
Those 'good old days' most everywhere were awesome; however now, as the recipients of that ancient Chinese curse, we 'live in interesting times'. Paranoid Smilie
Always the way though. Something is great and suddenly it goes and three years from then you just have to say 'the good ole days'. But I'm pretty sure that in three years from now, we'll say the same about now... So Grondy, see you here in December 2011 to talk about now? Wiggle Smilie
It's a deal Loss. Deal Smilie