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Happy New Year to you too, mate. S'okay 'bout the old forum, we like the new one now. And erm.. we've been very good in your absence, not one off-topic post anywhere! Right, Plastic? Mate? Wink Smilie
Happy new year tazzy. You've done some great work over the last months, getting us a new forum and stuff. Thankx for that. And this new forum isn't that bad. I'm used to it by now. I'm even starting to like it.
What do you mean, off-topic? Can you get off-topic? :P
Off -topic? why you looking at me? *innocentfacesmiley I never done nuffin guv honest!
sorry i'm a bit late but a happy new year!

and yreh did great work! an'all now with the rpg coming up.. wow. you're one busy fellow.
I like the idea of the new improvements!
Indeed, all our support goes to *taz, our great guide into the world of Planet-Tolkien. Can you get us some maps of the site? :P
Big Smile Smilie
Smile Smilie