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have to try it soon then. Wonder who i'll turn out to be. Gimli? lol Big Smile Smilie
Not gonna do it, not after the Star Wars one was as nasty as my friends are and backed up their theory that I'm the Emperor.
I'm gonna try it soon now. Promise. Will inform here when I have... Big Smile Smilie
I have checked, and turns out I'm Gandalf. What about that eh! Tom turns out to be a wizard in disguise... ha!
Big Smile Smilie
So now you have to follow the rules, Tommy. You can't use Tom Bombadil as your nick anymore and have to change it to Gandalf...imagine, you have to start off from scratch again....'stranger'..bwahahahaha Wink Smilie

Damn! I checked and I got Aragorn @ Strider. On second thoughts, Tommy, screw the rules.

What rules, anyway? Who made them up? Smile Smilie
Me Big Smile Smilie
Tee-hee! So he did, so you gotta start again, Tommy!

Plastic - you got the Emperor too? So did I - there were four I think. I had Luke's wanderlust, Leia's stubbornness, 3-PO's social graces & the Emperor's lovely personality. No Vader traits at all Sad Smilie
I think I had a couple of Vader traits though I can't remember which, charm I think Big Smile Smilie
Alright, so I took the stupid test. Guess what?

For I am Gandalf and Gandalf means Me! you and Tommy both are Gandalf...interesting...
Tis all rubbish anyway, did it again and came out as Aragorn!
can't you be a baddie at all? The test has been tempered with! I was I gandalf too... I wanted to be a wormtongue
3 Gandalfs, 2 Aragorns & 1 Legolas...

I don't think you can be a baddie. I tried again & still got Aragorn - even though I ticked 'Yes' for the question "Are you ruled by your stomach?" or something like that.

Wormtongue, Boring?
i tried it again to see for the bad buy Sam, Merry, Gimli and Boromir...I guess you're baddies
Booooo! I wanted to come out as Sauron or Saruman. I never come out of these things as a good guy, it must be rigged.
yeah wormtongue you know sarumans sneak?
I know, but I've never met anyone who wanted to be wormtongue. Why him in particular?
If it wasn't for gandalf scrring him of he would always be at the "winning" side
Oh bugger. I did the test thingie and ended up as Samwise Gamgee :P
Typical, my least fave charicter.
Did the test again. Ended up as Gandalf.
Poor Halo. I'd chop my head off if I got Sam. Can't stand the git.
HEY! What's wrong with Sam? I like him! Smile Smilie
Why isn't ol' Tom in the list anyway. Cos he's not in the film? Then they should Treebeard in instead. Imagine yourself coming out as an Ent! Haha! Big Smile Smilie
Sam's crap. And Who'd want to be Tom? You'd be institutionalised. Wink Smilie
Whaddaya mean, institunionalised? (I don't get words longer than 3 syllables) Big Smile Smilie
Sam's great btw. Big Smile Smilie