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Thread: Govan-mellon'(greetings in sindarin)

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Pleased to meet you, Lorend. I'm sure you will enjoy the discussions at TolkienFan. The taverns are especially fun. See you around.
Big Laugh Smilie Ha Ha Ha Smilie Animated Wink Smilie Elf Smilie Pary Smilie

Lorend, if you look under "chat" in "news" you will find a link to the chat room.
Big Smile Smilie
yayyyyyy chat !!!!
if u log in at 7-11pm asia time (whatever d term)
its usually allyssa amber taz prog chika and I thereat...
Welcome Lorend! The chat is most fun, if your fortunate enough to find someone there!
Waving Hello Smilie Mae Govannenn, Lorend Silverhelm! I'm new too... this site's great! Cya round! Tongue Smilie