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Random question for you all. Does anyone use the chat room anymore, or have we given that up as lost?
I would like to use it again. But always when I look, there is nobody online. And I can't use it on my phone atm.
Please Taz, can we just have IRC back? That works better. I can host the IRC server!!!

Honestly, I keep forgetting that the chatroom here even excists. The IRC chatroom (which we had Back In The Days) was a fun place, but the problem is that it should be watched 24/7 (family friendly and all that) and none of us have time to be there and monitor it. I have trouble finding 24 minutes a week  to spend here. Wink Smilie

Then, of course, there's the trouble with getting everybody online at the same time. 

Yes Amarië, but I still don't understand the problem with that Family friendly. Because: What is the difference between IRC and the chat we have now(AddonChat, java wasn't it?) ? I mean, you can still enter if you don't have an account. So there should be someone watching over it right now.

And yes, the difference in time is also not very easy. Wink Smilie

Yeah, technically we should monitor there too. Which makes me wonder if I forget about the chat room to save me from feeling guilty... *heh* 

Do people still use mIRC, xchat and such programs anymore? Or is it all tumblr and twitter and face? (God, I'm getting old.) 

The irc channel was perhaps more of it's own entity. There were people in the chatroom who never came to the forum, and people in the forum who never came to the chat room. 

With our "Prancing Pony" * chatroom here you have to visit the website and click on the link to get there. 

I have no idea.  I know there was one in the yahoo! chatrooms, but I'm decently sure it's the same situation here as it is over there: empty.  Was just wondering, though.  I feel as though it'd be kind of nifty to get lots of people in the chatroom as to make a sort of sense of community.  Type thing.

Also Happy Thanksgiving!