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Good luck Gnampie, I'll send you the odd e-mail still, hope you return when all is easier. Maybe we should have a whip round and get you a 'pooter to post on from home?
All the best gnampie. I will be in touch.
Best of times to you Gnampie. And thank you for your tutorials on ants. We will be waiting to hear from you when you can make it back. Smile Smilie
Best of wishes Gnampie, take care and stay well.
All the best Gnampie! We are really going to miss you! Very Sad Smilie

Can you pop in and let us know boy/girl , weight and name?
Bye Gnamps! My best wishes! Sorry for the lack of corespondence, I know you've been terribly busy at work and I didn't want to bother you. I'll be in touch soon!

I should tell everyone that it was Gnampie who encouraged me to participate in PT beyond the E-mail discussion thingy. Before that I rarely visited the forums and never actually contributed. Now y'all can't get rid of me!
Best of luck, Gnampie. I'll miss seeing you around, but whenever I see an ant I'll be reminded of you. Smile Smilie
Look forward to seeing you back next year. Take care of yourself. Keep in touch.
Gnampie, I don't know you well yet, but I will miss seeing your posts. I hope you have a very healthy baby and an easy labor. good luck and God Bless.
But I don't even know you!!! (I just arrived) Goodbye and good luck anyway Tongue Smilie
Very Sad Smilie Good luck, and enjoy your time with your family Gnamps! But your PT family will miss you though! Sad Smilie

Please come back to see us when you can. Stay happy. Cool Smilie
Aw, thank you, you're all so sweet!
I promise to let you know if it's a boy or a girl.
A kiss to all of you! Kiss Smilie
I Love You Smilie
*sob* I think I read this too late, but anyhow, good luck gnampie, and may your little kiddie be in good health and stay that way. Big Smile Smilie We'll miss you... Very Sad Smilie Come back soon!
Early Congrats!!!!

May the child look as beautiful as a dwarven lass. Big Laugh Smilie

and we will of course miss you!
Without the beard, I hope, Gimli. Tongue Smilie
Dwarven ladies do not get their beards until around the age of 4 Wink Smilie
Oh thank god! Big Laugh Smilie
My daugther is almost six months now. Soon I will have to go back to work.
This mean, within a few weeks, you will find me back here.

BE PREPARED!!!! Tongue Smilie
bet she looks as gorgeous as you Gnampie.
It'll be great to have you back among us, gnampie. You've been missed.
Agreed, we all miss your ant-ticks Gnampie. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie
Oh Gnampie,
I am so looking forward to your return.
Wiggle Smilie Happy Elf Smilie Wiggle Smilie
I am glad Gnampie, I barely got to know you before you left us. Now we will get more baby pics and learn more about ants.
haven't missed you at all Gnamps. Well, maybe a bit..... (maybe if I hadn't been in constant contact with you while you've been gone anyway....)Wink Smilie
That`s a nice thing to say isn`t it! Tut tut. Let`s see if you get away with that then Plastic. Big Laugh Smilie
*Is jealous of the squirrel*

hope she returns soon! Smile Smilie
Oh I`m not jealous, I want to see whether he gets away with it. He said to me he gets away with most things. Dispicable. He doesn`t get away with it all the time with me, well not from now. Watch your back PlasticSquirrel. Big Laugh Smilie
I think if you read Plastic's post properly, Sheryl, you will find he hasn't missed gnampie because, unlike the rest of us, he has managed to keep in touch with her while she's been away.
Val's right you know. (again....)
I know. He always is. I need to catch him out somehow, that obviously didn`t. Sad Smilie
I think if you read Plastic's post properly, Sheryl, you will find he hasn't missed gnampie because, unlike the rest of us, he has managed to keep in touch with her while she's been away.

Yes, I think Plastic will get away with this. It's very sweet of all of you to let me know you've missed me.

My e-mail address is posted here somewhere, so anyone who likes to contact me, feel free.

Plastic, I really liked (and still like) getting news from you.
And Eryan, and Chika.
Hi everyone!
I'm back!
WELCOME BACK!!! Big Smile Smilie You have been missed and I hope this time to get to know you, seeing as I haven`t really had a chance to get to know you... Sad Smilie
Hay, Welcome back Gnampie! Come visit PT as often as you can. Big Smile Smilie
Hey Gnampie! I have never seen you in a thread and never replied any of your posts but I wish to get to know you more like my other brethren and sisters.....But Ross is my right hand man....
Well, it has been about 7 months since I visited PT on regular basis. I feel a bit lost at the moment. So many people I don't know, so many new subjects. I'm trying to find my way back and get into the discussions again.

In case you want to know something about me: i'm a 29 year old woman, married, a little daughter of 6 months and I'm from Belgium.

Thanks for welcoming me back!