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Mi casa, su casa, mate. I'll be here for the next few months at least, you're welcome to visit - when we go back to Malayisa you welcome to visit us there too! Cool Smilie

Sorry to hear about your problems though Tazzy. If you'd like to travel to Dubai & look for a job here, you're always welcome to stay with us. I'm sure we can squeeze you in for a while until you either get a job & your own place or decide to move on elsewhere.

I was thinking of places/countries where you could go to stay over/ make a few bob while you're at it. I thought of the States, but their visa requirements are very strict, and it's very expensive there (relatively) plus I don't know how easy it'll be for you to get a job there (the Americans can tell you better).

South East Asia (Singapore, Malaysia/Thailand etc) are out of the picture IMHO for people starting out - we're a good place to travel to & spend money, but I think we've strict visa requirements as well for job seekers, and while a job posting there would be fabulous (I know many UK expats there who refuse to go back home Smile Smilie ), it's be easier (legally) if you're sent there from the UK in the first place. And we've got a lot of expats anyway, so the governments don't look too kindly at those who overstay their visas.

Dunno about the EU countries. Again, probably a good place to visit, and it'll be easier for you to get jobs, but the biggies (France/Germany/Italy) have relatively high unemployment rates anyway so it'll be tough prolly to get a job there. Dunno about Spain though - I've heard from friends that it's the place to be in Europe right now.

The Eastern European countries again would be a nice place to visit (I'm planning to go to Romania one of these days for a quick holiday), but again jobwise it'll be tough as the salaries are quite low compared to the UK. Russia is out of the picture unless you speak Russian and besides, it's still trying to get back on it's feet so I don't think job opportunities are that great.

So I think Dubai would be a good place for you then. It's very modern, clean, good nightlife, and with a very large UK expat community. The whole place (in fact the entire UAE & the Gulf States like Qatar, Baharain etc) is growing like nobody's business right now. A bit about Dubai below:

1) It's part of the United Arab Emirates (UAE). It's the second most properous emirate in UAE, the richest being the capital, Abu Dhabi (where the oil is).

2) It's the most progressive place in the Gulf region. True, their citizens don't get to vote, but each one is entitled to a free house (bungalow), land, furniture & appliances. And cars too I think, and they don't have to pay any utility bills. The locals are encouraged to work, but not all do, since they get money from the government anyway. It's 100% tax-free for everyone, including foreigners. There's also great clubs, discos, restaurants (Western food galore), pubs, cafes, hospitals, schools, unis, sports clubs, malls, stadiums (oh btw, we've got Deep Purple coming next week for a concert and that'll be fun!). Women can work, drive & don't have to cover up, and I can walk around in shorts & t-shirts if I want. Alcohol is freely available in hotels & restaurants, although you'd have to get a licence to purchase alcohol for private consumption - the licence is only available for non-Muslims.

3) They just completed the infrastucture of the 'Dubai Internet City' last last year. I think they're trying to turn Dubai into the Melti-Media Corridor of the Gulf region, and so are trying to attract Western businessed in this field. It's a bit like the Malaysian Internet City built 4 years ago, but the Malaysians include manufacturing as well as designing/management whatever services. You can tell I don't know much about this since I'm an Oil & Gas engineer, and know nothing about IT at all.

4) Dubai is very stable & good place for investment. The reason is that they don't have oil (well, a bit - but nothing compared to Abu Dhabi) so they have to be open, modern & progressive to attract Western investment. Whereas Abu Dhabi is more conservative - they can afford to since they've got money coming out of their ears - you got like it, get out, there's plenty of people queing to get in, that kind of attitude). So Dubai is more of a commercial, financial centre - a trading point of the Gulf region. They've got the biggest port in the world (in Jebel Ali), and along with the Great Wall of China, is one of the few man-made structures that you can see from outer space I think.

5) Downside of Dubai. Not many, but (sensitive issue here) it's one of the few places where (I hate to say this) the white expats still behave with the old colonial arrogance. Not to the Arab locals or the wealthier 'coloured people', but definitely to the Indians, Indonesian & Filipino expats. They really do treat them terribly sometimes. The whites generally keep to themselves & get treated like kings, but it's getting better & more open now. It's more true in the case of the UK/US expats mind you - the white Europeans are much more open & are generally nicer all around. I think it's because most of the whites here come from the lower middle or working classes in the UK, and when they come here, they get villas, cars, servants etc and thus tend to let it go to their head. Unlike in the South East Asian region where I come from - our white expats there are a lot more educated and therefore know their place & so they behave themselves. Smile Smilie However, this could be to your advantage since you'd then stand a better chance of getting work/accepted as compared to a bloke from Bangladesh, for instance.

Ooops. Now I'm rambling, sorry about that. Tell me if you need more info & I'll e-mail you some interesting links. I've got a friend working with Microsoft over here, but he's gone off to Mauritius for the month, the lucky sod. I'll ask him more about work opportunites when he gets back.

Sorry. My area is definitely not a good place to look for a job at this time, what with Boeing downsizing and having moved their headquarters from here to Chicago, and along with the dot-com bust, we now have the highest unemployment rate in the 50 states. As for visiting me, my apartment has only one bed, no couch, and very little empty floor space; also I don't have a car. So I think a visit to me would be counter-productive. Very Sad Smilie Other than that you are welcome to come. Smile Smilie

Good luck finding some locale that will better suit you with work, wages, people, housing, and entertainment that will make it livable. Smile Smilie
You are welcome to come visit us in Dallas. We have an extra bed that we can put up in the computer room, or you can sleep in Robbie's bed, and he can sleep in the computer room. No cats are allowed in the bedrooms, so you won't have them climbing all over you in the night. There is a great night life in Dallas, which is only 15 minutes away. Not sure what the job market is like or the visa requirements, but until you can find something in the field of your choice, my friend knows someplace that always has openings pay is ok, not great, and benefits. It is working for the state of texas. I also know of a couple of companies that do contract work in the computer field. Matthew used to work for them and that is how he got hired at Microsoft.
Fort Worth is not toooo far from us either and they also have a great night life. Lots of things to do in the DFW Metroplex. If you come soon, like before April, it won't be too hot, and you can start getting adjusted to the temperatures before they get really hot in June, July and August. Those are the worst.

The kids that clean my house are 20 and 21. They can show you around take you out. and you would have a great time, even if you don't have a job.

You can stay as long as you want for a visit, or even longer. We would love to have you.


Oh, btw, we have a dsl line and 3 computers. So that you can still be in touch with your PT family. Also in January, we maybe moving to a bigger house. If we do you can have your own room. Either way you will have a bed here.

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Oh, and another friend of mine has a condo in Galvaston, that I can get for you cheap. So you don't have to stay with us the whole time either. If you hear from someone that live there as well, you could have your own place just to relax. Thought you might like to be near a beach. Galveston is only a 5 hr drive from our house. not too bad. It also has a pretty good night life and lots of other things to do as well. It is not far from Houston and maybe you could get a job there. Don't know, but it is worth checking out.

I also showed this thread to Matthew and he said you are welcome any time.

Aus. is probably a little out of your way, but would love to catch up with you if you decide to pass through. Big Smile Smilie

My house (cottage) is pretty small, I am afraid, and I share it with two very noisy little people, so you would probably not like to stay here. I am also planning some rennovations later, so my place is sure to be in an uproar. Oh, and I should warn you, it gets to 40 deg. C. over Dec - Feb period and I dont have air conditioning.

Unfortunately, the job situation here is not so good in general (we also lost a major airline recently) , though computer people generally seem to find work of some kind. Or you can always teach! There seems to be plenty of opportunities for teachers - I cant imagine why. Wink Smilie

I think you should definately visit Mellie, sounds like just what you need!

Just wondering, what is happening with P-T while you are away?

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It's not exactly as exotic as Australia, USA, Asia etc, but before you disappear abroad you'd better pop round mine, Taz. I wouldn't move here for work, unless you fancy planting or cutting vegetables, but you're close enough to nip round for a pint if you want. Apart from weekends I have a three bedroom house to myself so there's a choice of a couple of spare beds and/or sofa's to choose from. At weekends things get a little more hectic with between one and three kids and occasionally my girlfriend staying.
You're more than welcome to spend some time here if you want. Best to let me know when, though, as I spend quite a lot of time at sea. Have to see if you can't drag Plastic here with you. There's a pub in Boston he'd love.

Hope you'll keep in touch with the site when you travel, Taz... I'd kind of be like the Last Farewell at the Havens if you were to disappear.
Hope you'll keep in touch with the site when you travel, Taz... I'd kind of be like the Last Farewell at the Havens if you were to disappear.
Amen. However, I don't think we need to worry: P-T is in Taz's blood and as long as there are enough donations to pay our rent, Taz will always be popping in from wherever he can find a modem.
Oh, you said NO axe wielding maniacs didn't you? Sorry....

If you fancy a short trip to Devon though, I have a Sofa spare, but you better be quick cos I may have 2 kids messing the place up soon (and it'll have to be a bigger place as well). Let us know if you go up to see Val, cos I might have to go check this here pub out, so I may have to go to Lancashire anyway (Boston is in Lancs right?)
The difference between an "a" and an "i" could get you well lost, Plastic. Boston is in Lincs not Lancs... wrong coast and no simple trip up the M6 for you.

Come over some time though if you want. The Axe and Cleaver is quite a place for a backwater like Boston. It has bands almost every night, is free to get in (a surcharge of 20pence a pint when the bands are on) and it's licenced until 1.30am. Long hair, leather jackets and tattoos are the order of the day (and that's just the women).
And the Indian Queen, well that's home from home. Bands most weekends, late hours, and long in the tooth bikers who once had long hair (hope none of them are reading this or I'll have no-teeth)
We'll have to keep our eyes out for Taz though. I know some right evil ladies who'd love to rip him apart... I think their daughters would too. Shocked Smilie
well, sadly I have no spare room here, and i dont think the job market is that great, though honesly i havent really been looking....

but, if your ever do get to Southern California, look me up! Big Smile Smilie
Well we will see what happens first, I think fate has directed me to a different path however I won't let you know what it is yet, you will have to wait a couple of weeks and then I shall tell you Tongue Smilie
Oooh! How intriguing Taz, do tell...

Lincs not Lancs then Val. I see. Now I feel daft. Sound like great pubs though you're right. I will have to try and get up there now.
Anytime you want, Plastic. There's plenty of room. Just check I'm around first though. I tend to go off for a week at a time at sea. Failing that, the three of us should meet at a halfway point sometime and get totally rat-a$$ed together... Where would that be? Oxford/Reading sort of area?
Nah... Get over here the pair of you. We'll take care of you, Taz Big Smile Smilie
Well, Taz that does sound intriguing. Can't wait to find out what you have up your sleeve now. Robbie was very diappointed when I told him that you were not going to be traveling. He really wanted to meet you.
Everyone here who knows me also knows that I HAVE THE shortest memory in the world so excuse me but I ask of you to clarify who Robbie is and some info about him? Big Smile Smilie
Robbie is my 8 year old son. Sorry. I did have to check with my family before I invited you into my home.
Big Laugh Smilie Don't be sorry! Just curious was I...
lol np taz
Changed your plans then eh, Taz? If you feel up to it, you can always visit me (and Gnampie too if she's willing) in B*lgium, and then you can come back here and tell all the other unbelievers how brilliant it really is down here. Big Laugh Smilie
Taz, this if you do decide to change your mind. My best friend also said that you could stay with her. She has a 2 bedroom appartment and a bed that folds out to a couch that you could use, if you don't wanna stay in my zoo or with an 8 year old. No setting you up with her, no romance there, I promise, but she does like Tolkien and has a computer, and like RPG's You might have some intelligent conversations, and she can be very nice. So you have several choices here in Texas. Btw, I think you should at least take a bit of time to visit the people that live a bit closer to you. maybe over a long weekend or something.
ROFL! You've been told Taz!

btw, I might be heading back east next summer (talk about planning in advance!) so I may well get to meet up with you then mate.
Taz, this if you do decide to change your mind. My best friend also said that you could stay with her.
Thanks Mellie, I might just do that! Could you email me some more info as in where abouts she lives etc...
I will try to but my email is so flakey. I may just private postBody you. Ok?
Taz, let me know if you get a private postBody from me. I was typing it and it went away. not sure if it sent. or not. If it did not then I will try again.
I will try to but my email is so flakey.
Jumping Flame Smilie Mellie: Why is your email flakey, can't Matthew do anything about it? Or is he like my auto-mechanic son-in-law who can't be bothered to keep his own vehicles in running condition. There should be no reason for flakey email service in this day and age. You could even sign up for ours, but of course, you would still be at the mercy of your internet provider and that may be where your problem resides. Got The Blues Smilie
I think it is our internet provider. We have several accounts and they can get the payments for all of them except mine. For some reason when it is all suppose to come out at the same time and same account number they keep messing mine up. They have told us that that the bill could not be processed or that there was not enough money in the account or whatever. but they can get the payments for Matthew's accounts. Matthew has to call almost every month just so that it can be checked. We are about to change everything soon. I hope.

But as for your comment about your son in law not keeping his vehicles running at home, Matthew is a lot like that. When I saw your post I just fell on the floor laughing. I was talking to someone on the phone and read it to her, and she agreed. Perfect description.
Very Big Grin Smilie

Taz going off travelling? Is he? Cool Smilie
I am seriously considering it Tommy yes, come this Sunday I will have made my decision.
Well, I can't wait to find out what you decide.
oops, missed this while I was away....but here's another bid for the southern hemisphere Taz, if you don't mind boats, you're welcome to stay. Big Smile Smilie
Yes I got your private postBody Mellie, thank you. Ok so here it goes, I am going to make my final decision this sunday. Those of you who did offer to take me in for a bit could you please reply again with just your location as I need to figure out traverling costs and where to go first, if I do go.... Wink Smilie
King's Lynn, Norfolk or Boston, Lincs.

If you are going to travel the world, Taz, you might as well start just up the road.
Yea, start up the road, then go to the rest of europe, and then make a circle around the world.

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I suggest you leave Canada until next June unless you like frigid temperatures and a heck of a lot of snow. And,, of course if you are into skiing and snowboarding. In which case, you will need a warm parka. Waving Hello Smilie
And of course, while planning your itinerary, you should consider that Australia (and NZ) get very HOT around Dec - Feb. I really wouldnt recommend it during those months.
Ok, he needs to work it out, that when it is really hot in Texas, to be in Australia, and when it is hot in Australia, to be in Texas. That works for me. The weather here is wonderful at the moment. It is still a little warm some days, but not bad. Very comfortable, and then getting chilly in the evenings. Tomorrow it is suppose to be cold. Our first day of cold weather. I am really excited, after the heat in August and most of September. It finally feels like Autumn.
Made your decision yet? If not, consider Brussels again! Big Smile Smilie I promise I'll give you a warm welcome though it's freezing cold here now. Elf Winking Smilie
Still waiting to hear from this job, if I split up with my misses I will be gone tomorrow but until then it's difficuilt however don't give up hope, my relationship as ever is on strings so I could be visiting you all very soon.

Brussels sounds interesting, I have always fancied visiting it and I LOVE cold weather Big Smile Smilie
Yay! And my final argument to come to Belgium: you can visit Gnampie and Jana, and me all at once. Big Smile Smilie
Can't wait to find out what you decide. If you come in December of January it will actually be cold in Texas. Right now it is just cool. Sweatshirts or light sweaters, no jackets yet.