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If what he says is true, then there is something wrong with me on both counts!

I think Terry has been taking himself too much for granted, unless of course this was said with tongue in cheek.

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Laugh!! I thought it might get your hackles up Grondy! Terry was chortling away when he said it, so I think it was a bit Tongue in cheek! Though Humphrey Carpenter said that Terry was the only recent postAuthorID that even comes close to Tolkien. And I would say that the quote applies to terry as much as JRR.
I just new it.. but here's the "proof" there is something wrong with me! Smile Smilie...

I'm not 53 for anoher 33 years though...
Big Smile Smilie
It's a good quote. But I don't intend to take it serious. I still have to come across a fantasy writer to match Tolkien. I don't think I ever will. Smile Smilie
You want to hear something funny? The bloke I watched the movie with said he preffered Terry Brooks Shannara series to Lotr!!!!!
I read Brooks first one, "The Sword of..." which was only half bad; after that things went down hill. I read a couple more of his later ones hoping they would improve; they didn't. Because of this, I consider him a hack.
Down with Pratchett! Boo! That's right, a woman...errr female spider...can hold a grudge for a long, long time.
down with pratchett?? why? if you have read his books you would know not to take him serious..
She didn't like the Fifth Elephant.
D*mn right! He ruined the Guards series. They became sooooo pc. I hate him. *ungoliant
That's a bit harsh, try the Last Hero, it's really good.
lol. Thats the sort of quote only Terry Pratchett could come out with. As for the guards series, I thought it was okay. Everyone to their own opinion I suppose Smile Smilie
I don't really know Pratchett, but I suppose you're right. Smile Smilie

PS: Halo, what have you got with Uruk-Hai? (not meaning to offend, just curious, you know... Wink Smilie )
You should know Pratchett! He's the only other postAuthorID to create such a huge vast world all of his own, that you'd really want to live in.
Not me, Discworld is too much like this insane asylum of a world upon which we live. Much too busty and chaotic. Big Smile Smilie And didn't someone recently write elsewhere on the forum, that they only wanted to vacation/visit Middle Earth, not live there? Smile Smilie
Fair Point Grondy, but I'd like to live in the Discworld, it's far more fun and better ordered than this one!

yeah and Ankh-Morpork seems to rebuild it self in every new novell, btw I recently finished Mort and thats the worst one I have read of the discworld so far...
I thought 'Mort' was funny; however, I will admit DEATH seemed a little out of character. I guess he just needed a vacation.

I like better, Neil Gaiman's characterization of DEATH in his 'Sandman' comics: a kindly female, who while looking young, certainly isn't, as she is one of the Endless of which there are six. The others are Desire, Despair, Delirium, Dream, and Destruction. And of all of them, Death and Dream are the nicest. *teacher

Now what was the topic again? Cool Smilie

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Ok, ok, back to the topic then.

Much as I liked his earlier Discworld novels, I think Pratchett belongs to the pretentious & elitist group of writers that toot their horns about how 'cool' and intellectual they are by making fun of Tolkien and all that he represents.

Like that article by that Guardian writer (Taz put it up sometime ago), when he said that he had trouble finishing LOTR each summer, but went on to imply that it was cool and acceptable because Lewis and a whole load of other postAuthorIDs had rubbished the book. I mean...what's so difficult about finishing a book? And he sounded really proud of not finishing LOTR...was a pretentious arse. Phooey.
I don't understand what other postAuthorIDs' gripes are with Tolkien...what exactly is it that they're making fun of?
The fact that it's written so archaically, and its all poncy and elfy and stuff. Plus, it really shouldn't work as a story, but it does!
In other words, jealousy. I don't know which is worse - pc do-gooders or elitist twats. Pratchett may not have openly criticised JRRT & his works, but he's certainly part of that foul breed of writers who seem to feel that they're above Tolkien. You know, the type that goes, "Oh, Tolkien ! We don't do him - he's more for the masses, what?"

That's why I like someone like Umberto Eco - he's extremely witty & is loads smarter than Pratchett will ever be, but he's not too shy or proud to admit that he likes Agatha Christie or reads children's fantasies. People like Pratchett could learn a thing or two from him. *ungoliant
Uhuh. Damn right! Smile Smilie
I do know Pratchett, but I only know him by name, I still haven't had the chance to read any of his books, simply because I can't bloody find them!!! Sad Smilie
I don't think Pratchett thinks he is above Tolkien at all. He is very aware that he just writes funny stuff that makes people laugh. He always comes across as incredibly grateful that he gets the chance to make a living doing something he loves. He's quite modest really, trust me, I met him once.
I don't get why if something is really popular, immediatly it's my opinion, if something is loved by "the masses", it's better than something that's only enjoyed by a few people. And aren't postAuthorIDs mostly trying to get their book read by as many people as possible? You'd think they'd all pretty much revere Tolkien for having one of the most popular books ever.

I've never read Pratchett or anything, so no opinion there.
This is why I love this board. Smile Smilie

There I was feeling all grouchy and mean towards Pratchett, and Plastic comes in to tell me of another point of view. Here's to a nicer, kindlier me! Fuzzy warm feelings to all of you!

I still hate elitist writers though - they're just jealous of JRRT. Phooey to them! *ungoliant

[Edited on 27/12/2001 by Ungoliant]
Ahh! I made a Spider go fuzzy! And most of the elitist postAuthorIDs and critics don't like Tolkien because he doesn't quite fit into the two broad categories of "Literature" and "Nice little Story books" being somewhere between the two. No Critic likes anything you can't pigeonhole, that's why Captain Beefheart never had a number one!
AAAAA OOOOOWWWWWW said the dog to the full moon. Yes I cried when I died in Sil too...
Grondmaster - by talking about Covenant we're showing our age. I think its out of print now. If we start on Mervyn Peake we'll really isolate the forum. MMmm - yes true, Covenant was a whiner, but it was good because it was th first time totally immoral non-monolithic hero was introduced to the fantasy world. I mean the first thing he did when he got power was to rape a girl! The evolution of the chaacter and the moral repercussions of the books brought fantasy to a "adult" level which was fun.

Good reading to all
Right you are!
Captain who? Wink Smilie
Big Smile Smilie
I really hope that was a joke Tommy!
Gentlemen, you are the best Sorry to the rest who were reading the forum while we look for books.
Much obliged Plastic - will get on to that.
(FYI Van Vogt is very badly pulbished in Englihs; Several translations notably in French and Spanish easiyl available even entire works volumes; In English very few avail apparently because he's not very apprecaited. Just to give you some taste Voyage of Space beagle is .... starts as Alien - seen through the eyes of the Alien - an intelligent hunter! I's magical. Although O'Bannion and Ridley Scott no r Walter Hill ever credit van Vogt its a clear steal.
Thanks again
Sorry, Huan, just checked it, but they don't seem to have it. Loads of other great stuff though. Smile Smilie
Errr... No it wasn't... Big Smile Smilie
Get Thee to a record shop!!!! And when you get there ask the friendly shop assistant to supply you with a copy of Captain Beefheart's Trout Mask Replica album. It's produced by Frank Zappa (you've heard of him right?) and it will show you why music was invented.
Yeah, I've heard of Zappa all right. But I don't like him. Wink Smilie
Big Smile Smilie
Grondie, it's Huan! You can't misspell the Hound of Valinor's name & not expect to get your arse bitten, mate! Wink Smilie

Welcome Huan! Just thought I'd let you know how much I loved your antics in the Silm - but the bit where you died made me burst into tears. Sob.

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Don't like Zappa! Have you no ears?
Okay Huan, I've found this on Amazon Auctions, quite cheap too, there's four copies there, copy and paste this into your browser (watch out it's huge) (sorry Taz and Grondy, but it's in a good cause, please don't moderate it!!)
And you should find some nice cheap copies to peruse! Enjoy!
By the way TOmmy, you are definitely nuts, fantasy is about as unreal as it gets, loads of old Sci-fi is now possible! Take genetic engineering, space travel etc. etc.
Not after listening to him anymore, no... Smile Smilie
Welcome to the forum Haun. This 61 year old moderator didn't like Thomas Covenant--he was too much a whiner for me--I did read all six books and your right, the first three were better than the last. Le Guin writes good stuff. Cool Smilie
Big Smile Smilie Great reply, Tommy.

Don't like Zappa either. His music gives me a headache...and his children Moon & Dweezil are lousier still :P

Dweezil Zappa was bumming around MTV for a while...ran some stupid game show, I think...

Never bothered to listen to the music...the guy bugged me too much...:P
(thanks, *ungoliant) (great emo, btw)
There's a shop somewhere out here called "The Tolkien shop". They specialise in fantasy/SF stuff. I'll check it out for ya. Smile Smilie

I like fantasy more than Sf too. Fantasy is a much nicer read, I think. Sf can get boring, unreal (call me nuts, but the good fantasy stories never sound unreal) and silly soon. Unlike Sf, fantasy books can drag you into a whole new world without ever sounding unreal. Smile Smilie
Dweezil is shit yeah, but Frank was a genius! If you can't find anything you like in his entire back catalogue then you must be deafer than me. Even my ex (who I don't think even liked music really, she listened to "chart" music) found some stuff she liked in there.
I just don't seem to like Frank Zappa. I mean really, there must be something more interesting to do than listening to the Zappy family, right? (watching FotR? Reading LOTR? Listening to Enya? *Plastic?)
Big Smile Smilie
There's nothing I'd rather do. Especially where Enya's involved! Bloody Noise Pollution!
LOL Big Smile Smilie
*quietly* I like Enya... :P
What do you mean: there's nothing I'd rather do? Watching FotR? Reading LOTR? Listening to Enya? (not a chance) All three? (okay, two)
Found any other cracking quotes, *Plastic?
Thanks, Tommy. Smile Smilie

I've really tried, Plastic! I even read his biography, but that's as far as I got with liking him (fun bio though!). I just like simple songs, catchy tunes!
Welcome, ungoliant, you're very welcome.
And I even didn't get close to reading his biography. The guy just doesn't interest me, so what? Big Smile Smilie
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