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Nillammenwen: Welcome to our forum in case I have missed you before. Happy Elf Smilie

I doubt if anyone will transcribe the symphonic score for solo piano, of course I may be mistaken, and hope I am for your sake. Is this something that has been done for other movies?
Found this for you, Nillammenwen.

And in case you need something in Europe:

Hope it's what you were looking for Smile Smilie

And this one I think is a slightly easier adaptation:

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Super Wow Smilie That just go to show you how far behind the times I am :elfembar: Thanks for helping Nillammenwen out, people. Happy Elf Smilie
Thanks everyone for your replies, and if anyone has actually purchased some music Big Smile Smilie could you please tell me if it is any good?
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I haven't purchased any music but I have played it in band. Although I didn't have the melody it was a good part anyway and beleive it or not we actually sounded okay. My mother is a piano teacher though and I may be able to convince her to by a copy for one of here students to work on and I could try it before she gives it to him/her. Does that answer your question?
Nillammenwen, I got my Lord of the Rings Sheet music from this:

I have been playing piano for a couple of years. The sheet music is wonderful and fun to play, but be prepared to streach octaves! Tell me if you have any problems, the music is really lovely. Big Smile Smilie
I don't suppose there's anywhere on the internet where people can download piano sheet music for free??? Is there?