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Sorry but who is Sean Bean?
Sean Bean is the guy who plays Boromir.
I would have thought you might have known that Einer.
It doesn`t matter though if you didn`t know. Big Smile Smilie
Do you know who Orlando Bloom is? Big Laugh Smilie If you don`t, I have some info for you. He`s the most sexiest out of the whole cast of LOTR, FOTR and TTT!!!!!!!!!!!! Big Laugh Smilie
Whoa, easy girl!!! Sean Bean plays Boromir and he is the sexiest thing out of the North of England since the Likely Lads (I'm sorry but non-british tolkenites will not know what the hell I'm talking about).

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If you ladies aren't careful this thread will get moved to the tavern's. This is a movie thread, not a drool thread. Moderator Smilie
I must say, SEAN BEAN is a very good actor. Cool Smilie I`ve seen him in alot of films. Eolynn i`m from England, therefore I know what you`re talking about. Big Smile Smilie
Oh and by the way Orlando Bloom is from KENT!

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Have you noticed that the men don't have 'drool over the female characters in the film' thread? Would we consider it sexist if they did? It just occured to me that I've never seen anyone write "did you see that Eowyn, fworrrr!".
Did you see that Eowyn.... fworrr Big Smile Smilie

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I know the names of few actors from the movie Smile Smilie
Orlando Bloom=Legolas
Viggo Morthenssen=Aragorn
Ian Holm=Bilbo Baggins
Ian Mckellen=Gandalf the gray and the white
Elijha Wood=Frodo Baggins
Sean Austin=Sam
Christoher Lee=Saruman
and now Boromir=Sean Bean
John Rhys Davis=Gimli Smile Smilie Big Smile Smilie
If you look to the menu on your left, Einar, you will see under LotR Movies a hyperlink called Cast list. Clicking that link will take you to a page detailing the cast list from FotR. Each underlined name therein will link you to a page detailing other films that actor/actress has been in.
Sean Bean played Agent 006 in Goldeneye
Okay! I’ll check it out Valedhelgwrath =)
And, if anyone cares Sean Astin played in Boy Meets Girl - if anyone knows what it is Wink Smilie (i was just flipping chanels, and watched the last 30secs of it, and saw him, and then it said that it IS him-in the cast thing at the end)

that's about it Big Smile Smilie

Wiggle Smilie
Sean Bean was also in the movie "Lady Chatterley" (1992) as Mellors
I thought that Sean Bean was the guy who played Sam. ^^; My bad, that was Sean Astin. Wiggle Smilie
Annnnnnnnd...he's the evil guy in The Island...does it very well I might add...LOVE that movie!
Sean Bean also played Sgt/Leut/Maj/Capt/Col. Sharpe in all the Sharpe's Mini-series on TV, about the English (he may have been Welsh) rifleman who came from the ranks and became an officer in the Napoleonic wars.
I very much liked Sean Bean in Flightplan with Jody Foster. He truly is a man who can reach deep into himself and get a character just right. I admire his acting .