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The Guide Project has all gone very quiet! Ungoliant, Rincewind?

Is there anyone still working alongisde me?
well, of course. but since I have to write an exam toworrow I wasn't that active recently. But I'll keep bothering. I will have more time in the next weeks.
Keep it up, Taz. It's a good thing.
I am going to be writing a new proposal for the 'Guide Project' later tonight, it will include project plans as well as design specifications so we can finally make a proper start on this thing!
Taz, I don't know if you got that mail I sent you, but I have made a list of all the characters appearing in LOTR. Don't know if you could use it? Big Smile Smilie
Come on gang, how about adding a little more to the Guide? It is a good idea that needs a little fleshing out.
I was looking through the guide, and noticed that when you go to it, there are 114 entries. Imrahil is listed 3 times. All three entries are identical. I also noticed that in the STATS bar it says No. Guide Entries = 119. What is the descrepiency(SP)? Has someone entered something that has not been posted yet?

I printed out the guide and counted them with Imrahil listed 3 times the total is 114. If someone has entered something not posted yet, can you let me know what they are, so I won't do the same ones, please?

Ok, I am not sure where to put this one, so just to make sure that it gets seen, I am going to place it twice. Once here and once in the Stage 1: Locations area. After you read this answer one and delete the other please.

After my father passed away, I got really into geneology. I have a great family tree maker. I think it would be great to have extensive family trees of ME. Not sure about in the Guide, but could I go ahead and post some and let you guys see, and then decide what to do with them. I already have a whole bunch written out on paper just to keep track of who is who, while reading the Silm. It would not take much to type them into my program.

I did it with my Anne Rice The Witching Hour Trilogy and it turned out great. Just let me know.

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That sounds great Mellie.
I tried writing one myself a while back but gave up because I couldn't fit all the names on one line (when I did it before on paper, I was able to squash my writing up etc). If you were to post a copy to a few of the council members, I'm sure one of us could find somewhere to put it.
As for Imrahil, I posted something about him recently into the guide. I seemed to be having problems verifying him at the time, but obviously this wasn't the case. I'll get on to burying a couple of his twins.
Thanks for the help.
Ok, I will get right on it.
Great idea, yeah. I'm still working on that list of characters, planning to work on it again today.
Any help we receive is more than welcome Inderjit. We are aiming for quality rather than quantity, so if you could make the details as accurate and as full as possible it would be appreciated as this saves us having to edit or add pieces.

Thanks for the piece about Mablung, by the way. Smile Smilie