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Thread: Happy Belated Friendship Day!!

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Hey everybody!! Just wanted to drop by and wish every one of you a very happy friendship day. It was yesterday and I'm sorry I couldn't wish you all earlier. I hate it that I don't have enough time anymore to come on this awesome site regularly and have fun interacting with you all Sad Smilie But I keep PT in my thoughts and think with enormous affection of all the good times I have had here. I miss my old friends and I miss those who have joined after I left. Love you all Smile Smilie *hugs*

I'm so happy to post again on PT :p

Not happier than me little princess. Let me think of some of the things that a princess would be busy doing in the summer, travelling, buying clothes, buying makeup, getting the hair done, going to parties, having family stay for say the whole summer, Smile Smilie and day dreaming about romantic things. And getting some well earned rest and relaxation before more hitting the books come autumn?

Wow Leelee, how many tasks for a princess! Hahaha. Yes, summer gives us time and mood for all those kind of things. Sunny days give us some sort of strength and happiness that pull us to try new things and be more active than usual, isn't it?

By the way Odette, happy friendship day to you too. I couldn't chat with you at the moment but it's great that even if you are a busy person you can keep in touch with PT.

Elbereth, please hug a wee hobbit for me, and through a wish across the sea for all of us. Hugs to you our dear wanderer.

Hi Leelee, it won't be difficult as people here seems all of them hobbits. They are all very fond and always in a good mood. Lovely!

By the way, this threat makes me think that it's great to have a day for celebrating Friendship; however, it's like any celebration day (Mother's day, All saints's, etc.) We must celebrate it daily. Family, friends and even those unknow ones who we meet everyday despite don't even know their names, they deserve our attention and gratitude just for being there. I send you a smile, it's the present we can give, it costs nothing but its value is huge!