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Ah yes, I forgot French! There is one thing here, too, although I doubt whether it is a coincidence. The name "de Rohan" is the name of a famous French aristocratic family, well known in history. If I remember well, one de Rohan was even a Marechal of France!
I have one!
Gamling=old man in Norwegian. There was a bit giggling in the theater when Theoden(?) called for Gamling in TT. And ironicly Gamling IS an old man.. it's almost like JRR knew.

And Arveleg I and II (kings of Arthedain).
Arveleg= inheritable, like a inheritable disease or something like that. And the name is used twice, so the name itself is inhertiable too! Wink Smilie
Those are some good ones!
I can think of two off the top of my head that are not really funny but interesting...
Hama is a name from Beowulf.
Aragon, similar to Aragorn, is a province (is this the right word?) in France.
Sharku, according to Tolkien, is an orc word for old man, it is also a Mongolian word for old man.
Eryan, jak sie masz?Big Smile Smilie

But I'm surprised you didn't mention the one that always makes Tolkien n00bs giggle...Legolas.

Golas=nude. Ergo, Legolas=Le Naked Elf.
Wink Smilie
And poor Gil-galad...gil is a common word for snot (and incidentally also bullfinch.)

I'm sure there's more, it's going to bug me all day now...

While we're on the subject, Lugburz...that could be the name of any little town in Poland. The spelling is so familiar...

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Speaking of Taur-nu-Fuin;taur translates as 'bull' in romanian.Uruk is a city of old Babilon,if I'm not wrong;there's a village not very far from my city named...Bagend(of course,this is translated).I visited it...but no round doors Sad Smilie Wink Smilie ; Elf Confused Smilie
Aule - to swarm, swarming. (New Norwegian/nynorsk) Smile Smilie
I don't have anything to add to this except that since Tolkien was a linguist (dare I say a cunning one Wink Smilie ) he probably knew these things and put them in his work.
Well i doubt he knew ALL these things as most of them makes no sense, but the others.. He was cunning, that is true. Wink Smilie
There will always be words who have a different meaning in another language. Like in Norwegain, Sweedish and Danish; three very simular languages. The word "grine" means to cry in norwegain and to smile in danish. "Glass" is glass in Norwegian (and english) but means ice cream in Sweedish.
That's interesting Amarie.
Smagun in Old English means 'to climb through a hole'.
Mandos in Spanish is commandments
galanas ('blood money') is similar to galenas
thule (greek 4 north, i think?) is 'spirit' in Quenya
Ainu is aboriginal for Man.
Strider = fights/wars/conflicts
I am delighted to find here all this fascinating stuff!
Hi Rodia, are you a Pole? Big Smile Smilie Big Smile Smilie Big Smile Smilie At last another Pole at PT!
Legolas = a naked one; yes indeed!!! and I never thought of that!!! ROFLMAO!!!!
I noticed several things while reading the books, but unfortunately I can not remember any of them at the moment. I also thought it was interesting that when I went back and was reading Beowolf there were several names, not just the ones Sam mentioned that were either the same or similar. I think that Tolkien did most of them on purpose but, like Amarie said, no one could have done all of the examples that have listed here. Some of the ones you guys came up with were sooooo funny. I was just giggling.
About similar and identical names; I made a new thread under "the postAuthorID" with a link to Volusp’, go and see if you can find the dwarves!
That link is a great source for Drarven names Amari’, thanks.
I live in Kuwait (but I am not a Kuwaiti), so I do know a bit of Arabic. So "naur" in Arabic mean "fire" (as in "naur summath" which then means Fiery summit)

P.S. This is obviously not a "funny coincidence"

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As I told in some other thread, "Smok" is a Polish term for "dragon". This is very close to Smaug. However, is this really a coincidence?

Balchoth: In Hindi, Bal means a child while choth is a swear word ( can't tell u its meaning though)
Meaning "double walker" a doppelganger is a shadow-self that accompanies every human. Only the owner of a doppelganger can see it, otherwise it is invisible to human eyes. Dogs and cats have been known to see doppelgangers. Providing sympathetic company, a doppelganger almost always stands behind a person, and they cast no reflection in a mirror. They are prepared to listen and give advice to humans, either implanting ideas in their heads, or a sort of osmosis. It is said to be bad luck if it is seen, and rarely a doppelganger will make itself visible to friends or family, often causing great confusion. Doppelgangers can be mischievous and malicious.

In Jewish legend the Golem is a man made of clay. It is said that the most famous Golem, created by Rabbi Judah Loew of Prague, was created to protect the Jewish people from persecution. To animate the Golem, a small tablet is placed under its tongue daily, and the Hebrew word Ameth (truth) is written on its forehead. To kill the Golem, the tablet had to be removed, and the word Ameth had to be changed to Meth (death) by erasing the first letter.

Now who does this remind you of, my precious? This is where I got that info, if you wanna check it out:

(Grondy merely added the world (url) icon to Andrea's link to keep it out of her signature.) Happy Elf Smilie

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V’rda is a Hebraic name meaning Rose. Gil (star) means joy in Hebrew. Look at this site.
Also, man (who/what in Quenya) means the same in Arabic Wary Smilie
A fine link Arcormacolind’va! Thanks!
Yet other similarities between Hebrew and Tolkien language: as I pointed out in some other thread, Moriah is the name of the holy hill in Jerusalem on which the temple of Salomon was built.
And (if I am not mistaken) Middle-Earth is known as Endorenna. The place known as Endor is also known in the Bible (comapre the famous witch of Endor!).
As for the names of Amon Sul and Amon Lhaw: Amon was one of the mosy important gods of the ancient Egypt.Perhaps it is not only a coincidence that these two hills are so close to giant statues of kings at Argonath, because very similar giant statues were set by one of the pharaohs (Ramzes the Great if I am not mistaken!) on the river Nile, to act as guards of the Kingdom of Egypt.

Only look what a new coincidence I found today!
Melian (c. 625 BC-)
A rosette consisting of a gold sheet, around the edges of which is a border formed of twisted wire on the outside and delicate granulation on the inside. The centre of the six-leaf rosette is occupied by the head of a roaring lion. The projecting pointed tongue is made of a separate piece of thin sheet. Each leaf is adorned by a double rosette, also decorated with filigree and granulation. The small rosettes and the lion's head are surrounded by clusters of three or seven small dots. A masterpiece from a Melian workshop, this rosette is the National Archaeological Museum of Greece and would have adorned a diadem, possibly made of leather. [Adapted from Hellenic Ministry of Culture]
Another one! Drogo, the father of Frodo, bears the same name as the main hero of the fantasy novel of the Italian writer Dino Buzati.
Well, today while watching TV I had a real eye-opener. It was that old TV series with Patric Swayze about the war between North and South States of America, and at the end there was a scene in which a spokesman of the Southern States throws down an American flag with stars and stripes, and raises another flag .... and then suddenly I was out of my breath, because it was... a dark blue flag, almost black, and on it there was a large White Tree and a white crescent moon!
I could not believe my own eyes, so alike it was to Aragorn's standard, made for him by Arwen: as we all remember, it was a black standard with a White Tree and stars!
Do you think that this is a pure coincidence, or perhaps JRRT might have been inspired (consciously or unconsciously...) by that real flag of Southern states during that civil war?
Attention: please, let nobody be offended if I did not use the right term to denote that war! I heard once that it should be denoted as "xxx" and not as "yyyy" but I totally forgot what term is correct and what is not! So I hope I did not write anything offensive and I hope that in such a case Grondy will correct me! Thanks in advance Grondy! Smile Smilie
It is usually called the 'American Civil War' or the 'War Between the States' in the North. I'm not much of a Civil War buff, but I believe in the Southern States they refer to it only as the 'War of Secession'.

I never watched all of that series so the flag was unknown to me; however, I googled and found it was the South Carolina state flag adopted 28 January 1861. It was ’blue, with a white palmetto tree upright thereon, and a white crescent in the upper corner.’

Here is the link and it would be the one at the bottom of the page.

Aragon's banner, made by Arwen was described as follows:
There flowered a White Tree, and that was for Gondor; but Seven Stars were about it, and a high crown above it, the signs of Elendil ... And the stars flamed in the sunlight, for they were wrought of gems ... and the crown was bright in the morning for it was wrought of mithril and gold. - 'The Battle of Pelennor Fields' - RotK
I assume the field of this banner was black but I don't know if that is stated anywhere.

The two descriptions are quite diferent so IMHO, any inspiration was purely coincidental. I did have fun researching this though. Happy Elf Smilie
in the Southern U.S. we call it the civil war or the regional fanatics (i have my moments) just "The War"

and Tolkien didnt make up all the words in his languages!
i have to come up with at least 5 different languages fer my book,5!
Aragon, similar to Aragorn, is a province (is this the right word?) in France.

Aragon I remember is half of spain and was conjoined when a king and queen marryed.
Aragon is a province in Spain, no where near half the size of the the entire country, Cordoba, Andalucia, Galatia, Navarre, Catalonia etc...

Arwen is a welsh name, and i think you'll find more than 40% of place & people names and more than that again are of Welsh extraction (as well as Scandanavian languages like Finnish/Lapp).
So is Turin, a city in Italy!
Mellon is read Mel’n in spanish and it means Cantalope, you know, the fruit. Aragorn sounds more or less like Aragan, which is correctly written Harag’n, and means Lazy. Silvan is spanish for "(They) Whistle". Kamino is Road, but that is from a galaxy far, far away.
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orthanc i remeber meant like fangs or something in rohan and wise man in elvish
(check me, chapter 9 or 8 in tt)