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I don't remember the quote, but there was something like: "Of those wizards that came to the North of Middle-Earth in the Third Age, the chiefs were five." I can't find the exact quote; but I think this means that there were more wizards in ME. Unfinished Tales shows that there were 5 wizards (those 5) who got off the ship from Valinor; so any wizards that they were 'chiefs of' would have to have came earlier. Or later. But anyway, they were the wizards who came to the North. Maybe others went to the other regions of Arda; and maybe even b4 the breaking of ME. But I don't know about T’. I have the BoLT, but I am unable to find this tale. Hmmm...
It is the last tale in part one.

The quote you cited suggests that there were more than five who came in the Third Age, so we are still unsure about the time before then.
Woaw, this is really interesting Pere and Arco!
I shall have to look further into this, but since I have got the swedish version, and it is not always correctly translater (Grrr Mad Smilie ) I suggest that someone with an english version look up the exact quote and post it here, so that we can have a discussion based on quotes, which would probably be much easier. Just a suggestion! Smile Smilie
Of this Order the number is unknown; but of those that came to the North of Middle-earth, where there was the most hope (because of the remnant of the D’nedan and of the Eldar that abode there), the chiefs were five. - from 'the esay on the Istari' presented at the beginning of 'The Istari' Section II to Part Four to the Unfinished Tales

And if I remember from non-Tolkien reading, "t’" is French for the insignificent "you", and is usually used by the airistocracy when speaking to servants, serfs, and slaves. So that T’ can be one of the lesser Istari and Old JRRT was pulling our leg with the name of this non-chief Istari. Cool Elf Smilie

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