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It's amazing what works can lie hidden for years in dusty boxes. I must look out for that one when it's published. Thanks for sharing it with us, Peredhil.
Wow,that is great.I hope it is published soon. Big Smile Smilie
I thought we had a similar article about Michael Drout's discovery in our news but since I couldn't find it in the archive, I must have read it somewhere else. Thanks for sharing, Peredhil.
I will have the extrodinary pleasure of attending a lecture by Prof. Drout at the Tolkien Gathering in December. I have already started reading a translation of Beowulf and Tolkien's Beowulf: The Monster and the Critics so I will be prepared for this opportunity of a lifetime. Teacher Smilie
Well, if some of you want to read "Beowulf" without waiting for Tolkien translation, the text can be found at:
I want to read Beowulf....but I haven’t seen it in any bookstore....I’ll try the city library and cross my fingers and hope for it to reveal itself to meBig Smile Smilie
Well Aule you can find the entie text at the site indicated by me above! Smile Smilie
Sweet merciful Eru! That’s alotBig Smile Smilie Just to my flavourWink Smilie
But still I’d like to have the book rather then reading it from the internet...
I think I'm going to find waiting for Tolkien's Beowulf to be published almost as torturous as I'm finding waiting for the new Spiderman movie and series of Dr Who. Oh, the torture.
I want to by the book Beowulf very bad, but have not found the book yet. But right now i am reading king Arthur. Very cool books.
I want to by the book Beowulf very bad, but have not found the book yet. But right now i am reading king Arthur. Very cool books.

I haven't actualy read the King Arther book... I'm going to have to do so now. I'm reading Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde at the moment...again...for the 12th time in a row. Disturbed Smilie I'm not obsessed. Honest! *crosses her fingers behind her back!*
That is very cool Peredhil. I should definately like to see Tolkien's translation of Beowulf. For all the first time readers of Beowulf, I recommend Seamus Heaney's translatoin. It is very good, rather modern but not to the extent that it spoils the effect, and has as good introduction.
I've been waiting to read Beowulf... Big Smile Smilie
Any clues when Tolkien's translation will be released?
Sad Smilie Next summer?! Come on... I'm hanging by my earlobes here...

It finally happened (already over a year ago (22 May, 2014)). Has anyone read it? I must admit it's still standing on my shelf next to my other Tolkien books. Maybe now I'm having vacation that I'll have the time and rest to actually read it. I'll post about it as soon as I've read it (or started reading).