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mINE is etower4337 please contact me im bored and want to talk
Why not go to our #Tolkien chatroom? Oh, because we are having an applet problem. Shucky darn! Orc Sad Smilie

Well if you use an external chat program, such as mIRC, you could join the people who are usually there around 2 AM GMT when I have checked there, like last night. Cool Elf Smilie

Click here for the Help file about this.
Im not alod to do chat rooms
Im not alod to do chat rooms
I understand. That is usually a good policy for parents of young impressionable people.

Still we are a Family Friendly Site, even if their banner saying so has not yet been added to the bottom of the Site Contents Menu. Our chatroom and Message Board are monitored for swearing, lewdness, and major disrespectfulness, but that doesn't mean you won't occasionally encounter them, though the perpetrators soon find that if they keep it up they are temporarily booted and maybe even permanently banned from both our Chatroom and our Message Board.
ya, it might be cool to exchange IM's. I really don't mind if you write me, but if you are a weirdo, I will just block you. My IM is Isctrmb985.