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Hello. Yes its me again. Fell free to flee in terror if you so wish. Very Big Grin Smilie I do need a favour though. You see a friend of mine, Wiggy, wants to buy a book teaching her how to speak elfish. Now we both know theres one out there, but we don't know where the best place to look would be. I've tried looking on, but I didn't find a lot. So if anyone could give me the title and price of the book, as well as where to find it, then you'd be making one girl very happy indeed. Wiggy, that is, not me. Personaly I'd rather learn how to speak orcish, I think it'd look rather spiffy on my CV.
If nobody can help us though, I may be forced to hunt you all down and bite you on your noses! Grrrrrrr! Disturbed Smilie
there is no book in print that is up to date, the best idea is to try a competent internet site, but those are difficult to find
I have details. There's an online journal by Lisa Starr of High Elvish with approximately 12000 entries. THe site was www.uib.*something*/people, I think. I may be wrong, but I read it in a recently released book. I think it was "THe Road to Middle-earth." I'll check it up once I finish (If I finish) Piano practise, guitar practise, homework, homework investigation, writing my diary entry, Music THeory and some reading.
Mum's calling for dinner!
actualy the appendixes are the best resource, the good sites are the ones that try to clear them up, the horible sites to look at are the dictionaries alone, because sindarin is packed with mutations and if you attempt to speak with just translated words, people who actually do speak it will get confused, then laugh hysterically at you. tehehe.
Ooh, ooh, ooh!!! I have it!!!! I've got it! I've got ti! Pick me! Pick me! You must visit You can download a course on Quenya in 20 lessons. The first 5 lessons are 60 pages altogether. It's perfect. I'm elarnign Quenya from it. Look, instead of buying a book, make her one! All you have to do is get a card cover and hole punch the pages and put a pretty ribbon through the holes and you're got a 'Teach Yourself Quenya' book!!
are you trying to learn quenya or sindarin?
and i think has quite a few mistakes in their grammar at least of sindarin
Loni is right. And you were right to pick her. Ardalambion is one good source. Also, they have Helg’s course there. I am positive they have it for Sindarin, but for Quenya I’m not so sure. Check it out. It’s quite easy. "Basic Quenya", by Nancy Martsch is one of the best ways to get into it in depth. A more "learner friendly" one, gathers very concisly Helg’s, Nancy’s and Tolkien’s appendices, that describes very clearly all the declinations and also comes with a dictionary is: "Tenwesta Quendyawa", by Jose Luis Bailux. There is a drawback, though: It is a Spanish edition. At least the one I’ve got. Try the site, and once she gets into it, it will be down hill from there. Cheers for having a friend who wants to learn. Elf Smilie Thumbs Up Smilie