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The stars sort of grow on you as you add posts.

After you make a certain number of posts you gain a star as well as a change in your title. Exceptions are the moderators, with a further exception of Plastic Squirrel who gained his title and stars as a joke when he passed 1000 posts, because he was trying too hard. Big Smile Smilie He's a good guy though and we should let him see his real title, because the joke has grown a grey beard by now. Oh, and blatant posting just to up the numbers is frowned upon and may be edited or deleted by the powers that be, meaning Taz and myself. Smile Smilie
Wasn't very funny.... since when was I a good guy? And I stopped trying at post 450 or so, the rest just sort of happened. Is that the Jedi Council? Can I be Mace Windu please? Please? PLEASE!!!! [Edited on 6/2/2002 by PlasticSquirrel]
Off course you're the first council member so the choice is yours... i Think
Alright, Council Member Squirrel is a bad-a**ed trouble maker who likes to post strawmen to get a controversy going and then will switch to the side of his real belief. Big Smile Smilie At least he is smart/diabolical enough to make it happen; I could never make it work. Cool Smilie
The secret is advanced schizophrenia I believe. I believe both sides of the arguments fervently, depending on which side of me turns up that day. Smile Smilie
Tommy you are sooo funny. You always make me smile. Thanks for bringing a bright spot in to my day.
don't mind me i'm just checkin my avatar
i used to be schitzophrenic but now we're ok Tongue Smilie
Lol! Us too! Wink Smilie
We have not quite worked that one out yet. lol
And here I thought it was because I was born under the sign of Gemini! Schizophrenia, you say? Tongue Smilie
Typically Gemini thing that. I'm one as well.
Hmmmm, is that why I can never make up my minds?
Big Laugh Smilie

You're all a bunch of.....
GEMINI (May 21 - June 20)
Star Wars Character : Ewok
Ewoks are playful little creatures as are Geminis. They tend to be extremely curious, craving knowledge but sometimes having short attention spans. For the most part they are charming andlovable beings but they can seem scattered and high-strung at times.


*runs away*
Yep, that is what my mom says about me too. Curiously accurate. Big Laugh Smilie
Will you stop mentioning the f***ing Ewoks!!!
'salright, we won't tell anyone. Big Laugh Smilie
Very Big Grin Smilie

I'm one as well.

Only one, Plastic? Big Laugh Smilie
Oh Ha bloody ha! Alright then, I'm several, happy now?
You mean I am the only Capricorn in here?
Well, I am scorpio and I dunno how many more are here except me? Cool Smilie
I am a Cancer, birthday 27 June.
Nope, I'm a Capricorn too Smile Smilie
yay, Melli - I'm a Cancer too. Cool Smilie
wooohooo chikakat Pary Smilie
I'm aquarius. Birthday 17 February. Any Aquarii in here? Smoke Smilie

[Edited on 11/9/2002 by TomBombadillo]
Grondy is, 09 FEB.
Hey there Grondy, fellow-aquarius I guess... Big Smile Smilie
Wahey Tigiel! A fellow Scorpio, I see! Smoke Smilie
My Sister's birthday is 13 Feb.
and Robbie's is March 17. A St. Patty's Baby
I would have given anything to be born on St. Pat's. But then I'm not Irish anyway, so I guess it wouldn't matter. Just a huge Ireland-fanatic. Paranoid Smilie

So we can celebrate together then: Grondy, Mellie's sister and me! Pary Smilie
Won't be in much this weekend, because my hubby's birthday is Friday. Although he has to work, Sept 20. That is ok, Tommy, I am only distantly Irish. My grandfather's family somewhere down the line. I am having a hard time finding info on his side of the family.
I think everyone's Irish somewhere down the line really. I sure hope so. Tongue Smilie

Congrats to your hubby Mellie, and have a good party! Pary Smilie
I thought you're American, Mellie?
I am american, but the US is a melting pot,
I am french, irish, english, german, and american indian. and some other stuff thrown in together
Very Big Grin Smilie Enjoying yourselves then? Very Big Grin Smilie
I'm A Capricorn!!! Cool Smilie
Ok, so when is your birthday so we will know when to celebrate on the party tree thread? BTW glad you are here.

Whoo hoo! I now have two Stars. heheheehehee. Thanks Taz and the other council Members. Glad you got it fixed. hehehehehee. I am very happy.

[Edited on 26/9/2002 by MelliotSandybanks]
No, you got three now, Mellie... Very Big Grin Smilie

So how come Golly's still a regular too, while she's got over 1000 posts and Mellie *only* (sorry Mel) has 350? Tongue Smilie
So how come Golly's still a regular too, while she's got over 1000 posts and Mellie *only* (sorry Mel) has 350? Tongue Smilie
It all depends where the cutoff point is made Tommie, and is moot; when we instigate our new policy it will all change again. Big Smile Smilie
Aha. I see... Cool Smilie
I was wondering the same thing too tommy.
Aha. I see...

Must stop doing that, really. Apparently it annoys people. *chuckle* Very Big Grin Smilie
No, I'll keep it in mind for next time. I will try to stop doing these random posts. Will be hard to break a habit of a lifetime, but I'll try. After all, now that I broke 2000 posts, what's left to long for? Tongue Smilie

Just remembered: I wanna be the first Valar on this forum! Big Laugh Smilie
You're welcome. I tend to get that when reading your posts. Or Plastic's. Or Golly's! Big Laugh Smilie
I tend to get that when reading your posts. Or Plastic's. Or Golly's!

I get that way when I read their posts too, and Nell's as well.
I'm a cow. Birthday 5th of May. Wink Smilie
ROTFLMAO :elfembar: Sorry Amari’, it is the merely a language thing; and I hope you will end uo laughing with me. Elf Winking Smilie

As Frodo said to Smeagol at the top of the Stairs to Cirith Ungol:
'Don't take names to yourself, ... It's unwise, whether they are true or false.'
In English, when someone calls a female "a cow" it is usually meant as a put down implying they are overweight and not vary feminine. From your avatar I can't believe that describes you or what you intended. Shaking Head Smilie

I believe you wished to say "I'm a Taurus", which stands for those born under the zodiac sign of Taurus the Bull (April 20-May 20). Happy Elf Smilie

Oh, in that case, I'm a cow too. I'm overweight and unfeminine, and the birthday fits too. Wink Smilie
I'm a scorpio, and my birthday is on Halloween! Pumpkin Smilie
Any other scorpios out here?
I am a Capricorn. My birthday is on January 6th. Somewhere january 6th is a holiday called "Three Kings Day". Yeah.
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