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Guys, this thread is really important. Have any of you ever in your lifetime been to Tonga? This is the most important thing in the way of importance. SO IMPORTANT!!!!!!!
Were's Tonga?
Tonga is by Hawaii. And I have been there. It is really nice.

The island has a balance between modern conviniences and untouched nature. I wasn't there for too long, only a couple of nights.

If you have any questions, just ask. By the way, why did you need to know about it??
Tonga also promises to cut the lawn in front of it's palace "a spring", and finish their cricket game with (someone else that I have forgotten) before 2010. Yay! Smile Smilie
Anilorak wasn’t there for too long? Aparently no one that goes there is there long enough. It seems like the kind of place I should live in. I’ve never even heard of Tonga, so I can’t help you with any details. So basically I just dropped by to tell you that you can’t count with my assistance on this one. I hope the next guy can shed some light on this Tonga Mistery once and for all. I think Loni deserves it. Then again, I am not sure she does.
Elf Smilie
You idiots, if no one here has been to Tonga before Wednesday, I'm dead!
Anilorak said he had been there. He posted that the same day you started this thread. Stop calling people idiots or I'll be forced to start editing your posts... Moderator Smilie
Loni, what is with this "Tell me about it now! Even though I will not reveal why it is so important to learn about it, and I can't just go to an encyclopedia or look it up online, even though a website could tell be 100 times more than some guy that stayed there for a night or two" attitude.

Kind of wierd if you ask me. I kind of need you to ask a specific question you know, I'm not a mind reader. What exactly do you need to know?
Alright, I'm calming down now. Did you see 'Big Ovava' while you were there?
Ha Ha Ha Smilie I love what Anilorak said about attitude!