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i accidently gave myslef 2 identical accounts,sry, i need the 2nd 1 deleted fer common sense purposes, is there a way i can do that or do yall have to do stuff like that,or can i just leave the 2nd one 2 collect internet dust?
What is the username of the account you wish deleted?
I see there are two Ar-edain37 from Osgiliath, one new (can see it on the 'who's new' list) and one older. I can't see which one is which but our mighty web King Tarrant here might..
I had two accounts because my friend found the out the username of one of them and started using it, so I abandoned it. It was H.R.Boulter. But then the passwords changed, and I had this account for Loni as well. H.R.Boulter was older, and had loads of mithril and posts. Loni had no mithril and 7 posts. And then the Council deleted H.R.Boulter! you could've deleted Loni instead!
Be careful what you are wishing for! It might still come true! Tongue Smilie Very Big Grin Smilie
Very Big Grin Smilie

Ahem. You can also delete my OLD account if you wish. I then went by my OLD username TomBombadillo. Just to make sure you don't delete my new(er) account (this one here). I don't plan to use the old one any longer, so if it saves you space or anything, please go ahead and delete it.
but if certain accounts get deleted threads and important parts of them disappear,which can be very inconvient 2 newbies
Taz knows how to make accounts go away and let the posts stay. Trust me. Smile Smilie
And then the Council deleted H.R.Boulter! you could've deleted Loni instead!

From what I remember, Loni, you asked us to close the HR Boulter account.
I Yes Val, I remember that too.
Now that you were here... why is Amari’ the only one without a crown? I hold her as Royalty nonetheless. The Queen without a Crown.
Awww Azadhel, that is so sweet. Smile Smilie And true as well! I
The crowns are for the ones who support PT by being Community Supporters (look at the bottom of Account Home) by paying ’1 a month. I pay ’3,5 a month for my account and get a great e-mail service as well as I get to support the site. Thumbs Up Smilie No crown though. Wink Smilie
well i guess we should consider our crownless queen some sort of stealth avenger she could have been an unknown member of the council but we no shes on the council so she cant strike us down without us not noing at all it wuz her..................................she is still my most feared council member being the only 1 aware of my anger "problem" until now i do like the organisation of this site its easy 2 find struff and u no who the authority is
I stand corrected, you need NOT to pay a price for those garnments of elite. Your queennessship pumps inside your body. Who needs a crown to govern the soul of the wind?
Hahaha! Ha Ha Ha Smilie You guys are really sweet. Big Smile Smilie
I accept the hailing on behalf of my fellow Council Members and our great king Tarrant. They have been working for this site faithfully and hard for years, I have just recently joined them and I am proud of being part of such a great team and such a great site.
All Hail the Queen!
Only a true royal blood could show such a remarkable trait of Modesty and Humbleness.
All Hail the Queen!
I second that!

Damn, I wish I wasn't born a dwarf. Then I could at least LOOK like a queen.