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Guys, I have just spent half an hour looking for a good avatar. Does anyone know any great places for avatar-hunting?
l found my Avater with google. But l don't know what you are looking for. Maybe if you could tell me that, l could help you...
I have my avatar but IT STILL WONT WORK!!!! It still says that it has to be in gif format AND IT IS !!! Angry Elf Smilie I dont know what do do anymore. Elf Confused Smilie
Is it 70x70 pixels?
E-mail the pic to me and I'll see what I can do.
check that it says .gif and not .GIF (j think it was that way, but anyway only one of those worked before, and maybe it is still the case...?? )
I know really could use a hand from somebody with this too. I am really new to the on-line gig and I would like to learn more. So if anyone could give me a hand on how to do this I would really appreciate it. Dunce Smilie Dunce Smilie
Yes its 70 by 70. thanks Amarie , il send it over right away.
Well Etharion, I tried to upload you avatar and it went fine. But it has happend befor that an avatar works fine with me and not at all with someone else. After you have uploaded it, try refreshing the "edit your profile page" a couple of times. But if it says the pic is not a .gif file.. I don't know. Keep trying.
Aaaw, Perwing, I love your’s. With the crown and everything, aint that cute?
Amarie will always pop up whenever there is someone in need. Should we be grateful? I would like to guide Everyone on the process of correctly instaling your Avatar, or as we like to call it, Residual Self Image. But I can’t. All I remember is that, when creating my profile, at the very end there was a blank gray square (can you say that?) that said something in the middle. "Your Avatar", perhaps. Well, it was at the very end and you could chose one from a variety. I had to look at every category and was disliking less one over another. On the very last page of categories I found myself, literally. I couldn’t have made it better. Can you see me? Look into my eyes, for I am looking into yours.

Ah, also, when I read the Topic I thought we were gonna be voting on Them. I wish Loni had one. Bugy Feanor for meaningful; Vee for intense; Lord Aelric for agressive... I could go on, but we are not talking about that.
I know Lady Feawen mentioned, they are suppose to have loooooads. When I tried it I couldn't see anyhting even if I logged in, but that was at school, haven't tried at home so I don't know.

The best avatars are ones you make yourself. An avatar should be something personal to you. You can make them in any art program that can export them as a .gif image.

Mine was a digital photograph of my own eye (no kidding), onto which I applied several filters with adobe photoshop 6.0.

Try making your own, its fun. The only constraints are that it is 70x70 pixels, in .gif (compuserv's graphical interlace format)
wow, I can only say one thing: Puh-ta! Mindbogling.
The best avatars are ones you make yourself

Oh no they're not!

Just look at mine for proof.


I made yours.

Erk... 9 posts.... Need to stop posting. I don't DO forums.

I didn't.
Could you make my picture a gif and 70x70?
just a maybe?
Please Amari? ?
avatar ahhhhhhhhh. Exploding Head Smilie
i hope this one works.
Here is a link to "how do I get an avatar" under "website help", you will find my e-mail adress and Rednells e-mail adress there. Smile Smilie (Click here!)

Soooo noone knows a good avatar site?
It finnaly worked!!! Thanks Amarie, refreshing the page did the trick. Im so glad i have an avatar now. Does anyone think its any good?
Yes. Its very good Smile Smilie Did you draw him?
Its always good, Etharion. Aren’t you happy to see yourself talking? Nice one. I have to agree with V on this one, Milambar. I kwen what I wanted, but I could have never made it as good myself. As a matter of fact, when I first saw my avatar I couldn’t believe it was just there, waiting for me. Also, I have no idea why no one had it before (or after). It’s the coolest, its me!
Thanks. No i didnt draw it, its a picture of an elf from the Players Manual AD&D 3thd edition.
The best avatars are ones you make yourself. An avatar should be something personal to you. You can make them in any art program that can export them as a .gif image.

Slight problem, Mil. Any art program that can export them as a .gif image? I know nothing about this. Nothing at all. ARt programs to make avatars? This is just weird. I heard you made Vee's. Could you make mine? Cause I know nothing about this stuff, and I didn't even know you could made an avatar. And I have no art programs except Paint.

And another thing: No one has given me any good sites to look at yet! Can't anyone think of anything?
Need an Avatar? Come to Etharions Avatar Emporium !!! It is located in the forum Website sugestions under Avatar Market? We have elfs, human, dwarfs, undead, monsters, dragons . Of course maybe someone else will have your Ideal avatar , so this is the place where that person will be. And if you are having problems with uploading your avatar ask here and youl find the answer sooner or later.The thread is in the element of development so be patient. Later on the avatars shall maybe be available for mithril but thats just an idea. By the way all Council members that see this please tell me if you like the idea. Your PT friend ’ Etharion Timeweaver
send me a private message loni, describing what you want from your avatar.
Done so.

And while we're waiting, last call for any Tolkien avatar sights so I can ahve a selection?