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Sounds good to me, I think you can get away with it without getting any publishers permission, as there is already loads of fan fiction out there and I don't think they all got permission. Not sure though, so don't take my word for it, but I would love to read it.
Have to admire yours and your friends love for Dr.Tolkiens work. I you feel compeled to do this and you have no intentions of placing any insult to his work or the original story I say go for it. I would be interested in reading in myself and seeing just what you folks come up with. If you do it send me a copy thejs@

Good Luck! Smile Smilie
we at one point had a fan fic section here...I'm not sure if it's still around, I know it was kind of tough to get to before...but if it is still here, you should post your story...I'd definitely like to read it.
I wouldn't have thought you would need permission, I have my doubts that the people behind Dungeons & Dragons (T.V. show) or Flight of the Dragons (iffy 80s cartoon film) did and they made money from it so I wouldn't bother myself. OK so it is a bit cynical but there are alot of things lifted straight from the books. Big Smile Smilie
Interesting! Would love to read your story! And I guess you need permission, but if you just don't tell anyone, you should be all right, if you know what I'm saying... :P
I think that's awesome! Me and my friends(3) also made up stories. One of them is the mysteriously lost member of the fellwoship, another is a prisoner of Mt. Doom and helps the hobbits fulfill their quest, and one is the daughter of Galadriel that helps the Fellowship thru Moria and into Lorien then gets taken by orcs and is locked in Morannon. etc. I think they're really interesting. I think it's great and I hope it turns out good. I'd really like to read it.

And I'd like to read yours, Jade! Sounds more than interesting to me! :smoke
Well Lifecool, I say go for it. Just don't forget to post it up here so we can read it too Big Smile Smilie
Uhuh! There's this fanfiction section, and Alyssa has posted some of her stories there too. Maybe we could all do that. If you got this fabulous self-made-up story, post it! Cat Smilie
If anyone would like to read my story or any of my friends check out and you can read them, take a quiz, look at pics, look at quotes, etc.
Will certainly do so soon, thanks Jade! Duck Smilie
Thanks everyone! My friends and I are finishing the story and hopefully I'll be able to post it in the fanfiction section. I can tell you that the story is about one of the fellowship member gone bad after being possesed by Sauron's power (and no, it's not Frodo), I know it's not exactly very original but we're trying to make it as interesting as possible. And if you enter the Writer's Guild section in the forum, you might find a topic 'unfinished poem' by valar_deimosa, well, she's actually one of my friends and we are most probably putting the poem in our story. I think she will post an excerpt of our story for you all to review/comment/criticise it so watch out for it. Thanks again!

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Thanks for the info Lifecool, and welcome back to the forum.

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