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Okay guys Mil, Lass,Rho,Gildor,Amarie And Anyone who has met Tigglet or SiriusxRemus,You guys probly hate me and I'm sorry..I'm really sorry, My real name is Kyra I'm 13 and I live in Canada. Harison Sears was real, it was his friends that were in that car. They all perished except harry 6 months ago.Harry killed himself 4 weeks ago. About 4 days ago Someone hit on me and really scared me so I "cloned" Harry To Make me feel better.Feel like He was still here. Because I could not see him O.Ding Killing him self. I Was wrong to do that, and I Will never go on Planet Tolkien ever again. I only meant to do it to pretect me from Someone then, But it really felt like he was really there like he was alive so I lived in this dream world for a while really beliving it to be true. I was to embaresed to say anything so I "made" Tigglet so i could talk about Blank So i could tell someone about what he did. But I Kept Harry so I Would'nt be depressted. I am in therapy. Hopefuly it will help You are right I "cloned" Harry, nothing will bring him back to life.I'll Never see him again I hate my life at home so I tried to bring Him back, I tried to create that warm Cuddly Feeling like a sucurity Blanket. It was a lie he's dead, gone.

I'm sorry ,

Nobody here hates you. You are welcome to stay a member of Planet-Tolkien. Please only use one user name here on PT and in the chatroom. It would have been better if you had contacted a Council Member or one of the channel operators and told them the problem you were having.

I will send this reply to your email address as well.

In fellowship

Vee - Council Member

I don't hate you, and nobody does. Actually I quite understand why you did it. Losing someone you love is always hard, and now it's extra difficult. I wish you all the best and strength in this time. I hope you'll continue to enjoy Planet-Tolkien, and I hope meeting you again in chat, or in the forums.

Aww Kyra hunny
You are very welcome to stay with us. It took a lot of guts to tell us the truth and I am really glad you did. We are not mad at you. In fact I want to give you a big warm hug. Like Vee said, if you-know-who or anyone else is making you feel uncomfortable here or in chat, tell us right away. That goes for everybody who comes to this site or the chat. Let us know, we have the power to fix it.

See you around, Tigger Smilie? *looks at Kyra with big big puppyeyes*
Kyra, as you can see from the posts above, nobody hates you. If you would like, I guess they could arrange to talk to you privately, in a different chatroom, to help you decide if you would like to rejoin the main room, if so, just send one of the CM's a private message.

With regards to people harrassing you in the channel, again, you need to tell the ops, not suffer in silence. Until they are made aware that there is a problem, they don't know that there is a problem. In order to take action against anyone, someone needs to make a complaint directly to the ops, not to a friend who then makes the complaint on their behalf. There are reasons for this, mainly that they might need to ask you questions, or request logs.

If you would like, find me on the chatroom, and we can talk in private about what was going on. I'm not a CM, but I am a server administrator, if I judge there is grounds, I can remove people from the network, permanently, but in order to do so, I need to talk directly to the people affected first.

Ditto what everyone has said above. It seems to me as though you have gone through a great deal of pain and anguish recently. You are only young, and events such as you have described can cause a lot of confusion. Please, please do not leave Planet Tolkien because of what you have done. Under the circumstances it is totally understandable. I like to think the members of this site are all here for each other like one large extended family. It sounds to me as though you really need the support of this family right now. Please take the advice of those who have posted above and let us all be here for you.

I hope thing work out for you soon.
Best Wishes
I too just want to say that i wish for you to stay. I can see from the people here that you have done nothing wrong.
I Kyra: Please come home; we still love you! Happy Elf Smilie

You may lean on us during your times of trouble; though, please don't give up the professional help you are receiving and please complete the course of your medication. That said, you may share your problems with us, which is usually better than bottling them up within yourself. Who knows, someone here may even have an answer for you in their commiseration.

Consider us your friends.
Hey Kyra, don't leave us. There are many great people here who might be able to provide some easing of the pain in your situation. Your actions are fully understandable and no one is blaming you for anything.
I just want to say the same as everyone else in here... No one hates you and you are very welcome to stay. I hope I'll get to talk to you again.
Hi if anyone To everyone that posted ty you guys really made rethink my Decsion to go if you guys are looking for an update go here To thank You
Well Other than that thank you all for posting and i hope to see you later

Tiger_Eyes Wolf Smilie