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Can anyone help? I'm playing TLOTR Trading Card Game. Looking through my Two Towers deluxe special edition set, I came across these card names. Ferevellon, son of Thandronen, and Feveldir son of Thandronen. I HAVE NEVER HEARD OF THEM!!!! I was shocked. It's like.... the first time in ages I've seen a Tolkien and haven't ever heard of it, and not even a single bell in my head ringing!!!!! So I started thinking... maybe it's not me... maybe the film peoples just made it up, and it's in the TCG. So I"ll just ask you lot whether you know. Can anyone help?
OF course they made it up Loni.

For instance, there's also an Aegnor in it, "Arwen's friend and companion". Not the Aegnor from the Silmarillion, son of Finarfin and E’rwen, of course. Hah. No, it's the guy from

They also gave a fake name to Arwen's sword for instance, "Hadhafang". Google it and have a laugh. They trace it back to Idril Celebrindal. Pathetic. Throw that game of cards away and go duck hunting, dear. You'll have more fun.
Throw that game of cards away and go duck hunting, dear. You'll have more fun.
Especially if you can find a gun like Elmer Fudd's or Peter's ( from 'and the Wolf'). That way you won't have any nasty old birds to clean and dress. Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

Seriously though, Tolkien didn't supply enough names in his books for use in a game so they had to make up names for the rest of the bit players.
Oh, I am quite aware of Arwen's sword and the whole Idril shbang. Yes, it is quite pathetic, that one. But the thing that really swayed me, it that at the bottom of the card "Ferevellon son of THandronen" they had a quote that related directly to him, though it wasn't from LOTR.

Duck shooting? In the city? Yeah, right. There's only one duck in our area, and its my pet. The other had an accident that included a dog going duck hunting. You know, fox hunting would be fun. Trouble is, there's none in NZ. I've always wanted to go fox hunting. You know, with the horses and all. I was looking forward to going to England and going on a hunt. But now its banned!!!!! That annoys me.