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Hello all,
I am new here so I am sorry if this has been asked before but here goes:
I know Gollum is a Hobbit but where is it mentioned in the books? I remember reading it but do not know where!
Thanks for your help
Welcome to PT Rjm! And about Gollum...I think in the appendixes of ROTK there might have been something. Also, when Gandalf tells Frodo of the Ring's past when they're in Bag End, Gandalf mentions it.
Gandalf mentions in one of the first chapters of the book, "The Shadow of the Past", that Sm’agol was one of the River People, and hence related to Hobbits.
Smeagol's people were the Stoors, a variety of Hobbit who remigrated back to the Wilderland and contact between them and the ancestors of the Shirefolk was broken. Smeagol was a member of the riverside Stoors. (see Letters of JRRT)
so the Stoors came from hobbiton, or vice versa?
Correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe that the Shire-hobbits descend from the Stoors, Harfoots(Harfeet), and Fallohides all, so only certain hobbits coming from Stoor blood would have relation to Gollum, correct? But my question is: Were the Stoor hobbits that far back in the time of Smeagol(five hundred years before the time of the WotR)actually hobbits yet, or were they just distant relatives?
so the Stoors came from hobbiton, or vice versa?

If you have a LOTR copy with you, you can find your answers in the Prologue: Concerning hobbits! Happy reading! Smile Smilie