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I have a double picture disc of the soundtrack to the original animated LOTR movie (story is about one and a half of the 3 books in length i think). Its a great classical soundtrack and it brings back good memories of watching the film when i was younger.

Does anyone know where i could buy the CD version of this?

(i'll have to look and see if the code is on the LP packaging).
I've tried all the usual searches in the past, thought someone on here might have come across it. The finish of PD's has always been a fair bit lower quality and full of pops and crackle compared to a quality pressing - so i'd like to get hold of a decent quality recording.

Does anyone else have this LP or the CD version?
Also, what do you think of the music?

Thanks, Brimstone.
I assume you are speaking of the Bakshi film with the music by Leonard Rosenman. If so, I have the film on VHS, but know of no source for the music only. Sorry.

Thank you for the reply (and sorry for my late response.. by a few years..), yes the animiated film with music by Leonard Rosenman.

I couldn't find this at the time, but now with renewed interest in all things tolkein since the live action filmed trilogy was released the soundtrack to the original animated film (re-release) is again widely available online.

For anyone else who may wish to get hold of this soundtrack the remastered release is dated 2001 and a search on LOTR in conjunction with "Leonard Rosenman" and/or "1978" (original release year) will find this quite quickly. FYI, i bought it from

Cheers, Brim.