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I read the letters book many years ago. I'm trying to get the text of one of them for my brother to read,without having to go dig through my attic to find my copy.

The letter I'm remembering was to his son in response to the son asking how to know if a woman he had met was the "right one". The response was basically explaining the foolishness of thinking you could be wise enough to choose the "right" one even if you could line up all the woman you'd ever meet, and how marriage was about making the decision to commit to a particular one. Or something like that.

Is there a place online to find this so I can have my brother check itout?
The letter you are refering to is probably #43 written to Michael Tolkien 6-8 March 1941. (On the subject of marriage and relations between the sexes.)

At six pages of text, it is much too long for me to type out here, even if that was legal, which it isn't.

Therefore I suggest you check your library for a copy of The Letters of J.R.R. Tollkien edited by Humphrey Carpenter with the assistance of Christopher Tolkien. ISBN 0-618-05699-8
Grondy, HOW did you amazingly find the letter so fast?
yes please tell us
Thanks. That at least will save me some time if I can locate my copy or head to the library.
I knew it was in there someplace so I merely looked under "marriage" in the book's index. Teacher Smilie