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Dwarflord at your service!!

I just got an idea for a thread, hope you like it.
If you were given the possibility to be transported right now to any place, and to any moment in Middle Earth. Which moment would you chose to witness, from among all that took place?
No one has just one answer to this, I bet, so post your answers any time you feel like going to ME...

From the top of my head...I'd go to Khazad Dum early in the Second Age. At this time mithril was discovered and the Dwarves befriended Elves from Eregion. I'd stand in the vast halls of Dwarrowdelf in the time of its greatest might.
First Age, to the forest of Neldoreth, on a hill near the Esgalduin river.

I yearn to see Tin’viel dance.
I'm listening to the OST from The Lord of the Rings.

I want to be ..... 60 years before The War of the Ring, Erebor, The Lonely Mountain, the Battle of Five Armies. (as a bystander and observer of courseSmile Smilie
The Dwarves are statnding at bay, Elven archers darken the sky with their arrows, Goblins charge, mounted on Wargs...
Hello Dwarflord! Waving Hello Smilie Love this thread!

Right now I would love to be in Fangorn Forest in the days when the wood was still young, find rest and peace among the Ents and have a quiet conversation with Treebeard. *sigh*
Oooooooh so many to choose from.... where does one start?

I am influenced by Tolkien's writing in my first few choices - rather than visit Lothlorien for the ambient moods and parties, clubbing etc, I would first like to witness several moments which for me are brought truly to life by Tolkien's words.

Helm's Deep

And with that should the king came. His horse was white s snow, golden ws his shield, and his spear was long. At his right hand ws Aragorn, Elendil's heir, behind him rode the lords of the House of Eorl the Young. Light sprang in the sky. Night departed.

Then suddenly upon a ridge appeared a rider, clad in white, shining in the rising sun. Over the low hills the horns were sounding. Behind him, hastening down the long slopes, were a thousand men on foot; their swords were in their hands. Amid them strode a man tall and strong. His shield was red. As he came to the valley's brink, he set to his lips a great black horn and blew a ringing blast. "Erkenbrand!" the Riders shouted. ... Down from the hills leaped Erkenbrand, lord of Westfold. Down leaped Shadowfax, like a deer that runs surefooted in the mountains. The White Rider was upon them, and the terror of his coming filled the enemy with madness....

The Ride of the Rohirrim

Fey he seemed, or the battle-fury of his fathers ran like new fire in his veins, and he was borne up on Snowmane like a god of old, even as Orome the Great in the battle of the Valar when the world was young. His golden shield was uncovered, and lo! it shone like an image of the Sun, and the grass flamed into green about the white feet of his steed....

Such wonderful imagery - I would love to see it happening.

inside the lonely mountain, watching smaug sleeping on his treasure. in my mind that looks great, I'd really love to be there to watch him.

that's a wonderful thread, a great idea! Orc With Thumbs Up Smilie
After much deliberation (I think that's what the word means..?) I've decided that I would love to see the moment when everyone was expecting to see their killers come out of the corsair ships, and then Aragorn & co. and the army of the dead come out and sweep the Pelenor Field. Awesome.
What a great thread !!! I would like to go with Gandalf , Frodo and the elfs to the Grey Haven... I want the see what happens next..feeling the harmony and fellowship among them.... Happy Elf Smilie
I'm glad you all like this idea

My turn:
Deep in the libraries of Minas Tirith, when Gandalf discoveres the scrolls of Isildur, not long before The Quest begins. Gandalf is smoking his pipe, candles cast shadows on the stone walls...

What a moment...
Well, it would be nice now to see Galadriel do her "evil queen" act on Frodo.

I wonder if she can be more spooky than my mother... Smoke Smilie

Not to mention, see ’owyn perform her "cage" speech.

I wonder if she can be more melodramatic than one of my sisters... Animated Wink Smilie
I'd like to accompany Bilbo on his second journey to Rivendell and spend time with him there. He could teach me the Elven lanquages and we could listen to the tales of the elder days, take short day hikes, eat, drink, sleep, and smoke our pipes. Quite restful. Sleeping Smilie
Vee -- I, too, would choose some of the same moments for the same reasons...Tolkien's descriptions are simply stunning. If I were to choose another moment though, I would love to float down the Anduin to see The Argonath. I can just imagine how impressive they must be! What an overwhelming visual!
Right now I'd like to be in Bag End, sitting in Bilbo's garden with Bilbo and Gandalf, smoking Old Toby in our wooden pipes, talking about this and that, learning tidings from distant lands...
Hobbiton is busy with preparations for Bilbo's birthday party, but it's time to relax now.
I think i would like to see one of those late night parties that the Grey Elves from Mirkwood had in the Hobbit, when Bilbo and the dwarves kept "attacking them". That was always my favorite part of the Hobbit. That, and I'm also a huge night-hawk, and anything having to do with parties Pary Smilie and/or huge feasts is OK with me! Happy Elf Smilie
I would like to see when the Valar came to Middle Earth, that Melkor came to despise his brothers and sisters. When the elves first came to wake up in Middle Earth and they walked amongst the Gods.
You all picked such nice moments, it's hard to imagine another really great moment. Though another moment I would like to witness is the one when the Hobbits are in the Old Forest, if I remember correctly Merry is stuck in the Old Willow (don't have my books here, so sorry if I'm wrong) and then all of a sudden they hear Tom Bombadil coming their way, singing his merry little song. And then the moment they meet Goldberry. And then of course when Tom rescues them all from the Barrow-wights later on.

And one thing I've always wanted to know: what did Tom and Gandalf have to discuss after the War of the Ring? So I would love to sneak in there and do a bit of eavesdropping. Animated Wink Smilie
Hi Tommie

And one thing I've always wanted to know: what did Tom and Gandalf have to discuss after the War of the Ring? So I would love to sneak in there and do a bit of eavesdropping.

I've always wanted to be there, when Gandalf and Bombadil met after the fall of Sauron. That must have been a good (and long) talk.
I wanted to post it sooner or later, but Tommie was first. Now we can go together Cool Smilie
I'd like to watch some elves walking through the woods, wearing their hair loose and those shiny light dresses I like so much. which time and which wood doesn't matter to me, I'd just love to see them, that must be most beautiful.
I'd like to be at the field of Cormallen and see all the friends meet again and make merry. Can you just imagine the feelings of friendship and joy there.
I'd love to be riding with the Rohirrim (even though I can't ride).

I would also love to see the forbidden pool through the waterwall - the book creates a wonderful picture - the film really disappointed me there.

I would love to live in Rivendell - so peaceful.

Being at the crowning of Aragon must have been wonderful too - as you said I can't choose one and this is only from LOTR Wink Smilie
I would like to wake up with the elves by Cuivi’nen and see the stars for the first time.

Would anyone join me on a tour of Minas Ithil, Osgiliath and Minas Anor?
I'd like to visit them, early in the Third Age, when all three were mighty Cities of Men.
I wish to behold The Tower of the Rising Moon, before it is despoiled by the Nagul. The great Bridge of Osgiliath before it crumbles and falls. The glittering Tower of The Setting Sun, before it becomes the chief city of Gondor.
O could I forget about Tom Bombadil?!?! I would love to see him! He was one of my favorites! I'm so dense sometimes! that would be the second place/thing I would like to see in Middle-earth!
Dwarflord, when will we start? I'm already packing up all I need... but can we go to minas ithil last? I think I'll stay there some time - I love it. Orc Grinning Smilie and I'll tell the nazgul to get another tower for themselves...

another nice thing (well, more or less nice): mordor, third age. I'd love to see barad-dur and the eye of sauron. the flaming lidless eye should be worth taking a look at.
before the gates of Angband, when Fingolfin duelled Morgoth.......fantastic

or with Finrod as he challenged Sauron with Songs of power

He chanted a song of wizardry,
Of piercing, opening, of treachery,
Revealing, uncovering, betraying.
Then sudden Felagund there swaying
Sang in answer a song of staying...
How could I forget Henneth Anun! That is my bestest place in ME! Especially at the sunrise or set.
Ithil, we can go any time you like Smile Smilie

But right now I'm on the battle field in front of The Black Gate. In this moment we all see a great flash, and we know that the Ring is at last destroyed. The Nazgul speed towards Orodruin in a last attempt to save their master. I look around and see Aragorn and Legolas and Gimli and Gandalf....
i have two places i'd love to visit and i can't make up my mind.

1) Edoras... during the War of the Ring... i would love to hear the tales of Eorl sung... i would love to ride with the Rohirrim to lift the siege of Gondor... i can imagine the feel of the wind in my hair and the hoof-beats on the ground

2) Valinor... when the light of the Two Trees mingled before Morgoth and Ungoliant killed the Trees and the exile of the Noldor... i would love to walk along the shores and be covered in the dust like Earendil was so many years later...

I would like to visit Gabilgathod (Belegost) in the First Age, to walk in its mighty halls, listening to the sound of anvil and hammer. Then, with a company of hardy Dwarves, I would march to Tumunzahar (Nogrod), following the Dwarf-Road through the Ered Luin. To the west I see the land of Beleriand with its Land of Seven Rivers. To the east is Eregion, yet to play an important part in the history of Middle Earth.
amon sul (weathertop) when the nazgul attack frodo. not nice of them, but I'd love to see them there, the hobbits, and then aragorn coming to save the day... poor ones. yeah, I'm a nazgul-freak. and I guess the view at amon sul isn't the worst...
amon sul (weathertop) when the nazgul attack frodo.
Don't forget to take your infra-red goggles and your Magic Ring so you can see the young adventurers and the Black Riders, 'cause when they attacked, it was dark on that thar hill.
Don't forget to take your infra-red goggles and your Magic Ring so you can see the young adventurers and the Black Riders, 'cause when they attacked, it was dark on that thar hill.

Yes, but the place was soon lit up by Mr Strider. Hence : cut back on the goggles !
I think I'd like to be somewhere in Beleriand best, as I like the Silmarillion best of all the Tolkien books, somewhere like Menegroth would certainly be nice, only I really like the sea too and want to be near it. So I settle with living somewhere where Fingolfin and Fingon ruled. What was it called again? It was way up in the north, a little land surrounded by mountains.
But in ME I'd like to live in Lothlorien. I didn't really like how it was done in the movie. To me Lothlorien was the true place of light and peace, sort of the kind of place Rivendell turned out to be in the movie. It wasn't the mystical and creepy sort of forest place.
i would chose in Lindon during the 1st age of the sun
Well, if I get to pick any place in Arda, and any time, the seven hours from the very first blossoming of Telperion to the first blossoming of Laurelin (in other words, I'm seconding a previous vote, but then I was always partial to blondes, so I'll forgive her being from North Texas and not knowing it. Elf Winking Smilie

If I'm limited to Middle-Earth, I'd watch Earendil kick Ancalagons a-s, but only 'cos watching the Fall of Gondolin, even the Ecthelion part, would break my heart (I saw the army of the dead poor from the ships of Umbar and I was less than pleased they replaced the Dunedain Rangers.)

Edit: I have a theory that says the internet subconsciously enourages misapplied homophones, but hey, being dead doesn't pay very much, right?

"The way is shut. It was made by the dead, and the dead keep it. Do you want fries with that?"
Elf With a Big Grin Smilie How do you know those dead warriors in the movie were poverty stricken, was it the thread-bare condition of their garments that gave you the clue? Elf With a Big Grin Smilie

Okay, We all know Moramber meant to use the spelling of the word meaning "decant", but sometimes when we let our fingers do the walking, they having a mind of their own, type what the darned well please, at least mine do. Elf Winking Smilie
so do mine, :elfgrin: lol
I always wished I could witness the crowning of aragorn.
you mean the cornation of Lord Elessar Wink Smilie
sorry I am still new at this, and I am only reading LOTR for the 2nd time now, but you knew what I meant
Right now I'd like to see The Shire and take a long walk with some Hobbits. We'd hike through Buckland, Woody End, Hobbiton....
I think the Shire is wonderfully shown in the LOTR movies...and the music...

mordor, immediately after the ring (together with gollum) has fallen into the cracks of doom... I've just read that part and I'd love to SEEEEEE it!
Right now I wish I could see The Lonely Mountain the way it is describe in the chapter "The Council Of Elrond" (I think it was that chapter..or there abouts) It sounded beautiful.

hurrah my 200th. that is if quanity not quality matter. which we all know is not true. Big Laugh Smilie
Now I assume I cannot pick Valinor as it isn't in Middle-Earth so I would pick the shire. Probably in by the Brandybuck River. Occasional vists with the rangers, can go to Hobbiton, Bree, etc. Plus, I have always wanted to know more about the north of middle earth and the dragons, dwarves, and the ice being things up there. I also awnt to know more about the name-less thing gnawing at the center of the world (gandalf mentioned in the two towers). If anyone can tell me about it more or show me some text I can read I would eb very grateful... oh yah and this would all be in the late third age, probably around Bilbo's time.
My favorite little moment in the books is described as such:

"The last thing that Pippin saw, as sleep took him , was a dark glimpse of the old wizard huddled on the floor, shielding a glowing chip in his gnarled hands between his knees. The flicker for a moment showed his sharp nose, and the puff of smoke."

Oh, to be sitting next to gandalf and puffing on a pipe, even if it is in Moria.
Oh everyone's going to the Shire!! Fine, I'm coming too! Jumping Flame Smilie "You'd have to tie me up in a sack to stop me!" I'd love to have a place at Bilbo's Birthday Party, where all the cute hobbits dance and sing, and Bilbo's making his speech. (Of course, I wouldn't want to sit beside the Sackville-Bagginses). And over our heads would be Gandalf's lovely fireworks. They're described in lots of places. And they always sound wonderful. They're probably better than our fireworks today even... Cool Smilie
nothing more than sitting in some inn in the shire with some friends smoking pipeweed and having a drink. chatting about the most important shire news - there's certainly always a lot to talk about there... yea, that's what I should enjoy now... some friends, some drinks, some nice hobbit to fall in love with... just relaxing a bit.
Too bad this is just resumed to Middle-earth. Otherwise I'd like to see Feanor defying Melkor and driving him away in shame from his house, his speech on the hill of Tuna after Finwe's death (I bet that was awsome!), the Doom of Mandos, Feanor's answer to the Valar's herald, the Crossing of Helkaraxe, the great Numenorean fleet assailing Valinor...

But, since it's only about Middle-earth, I'd say: Melkor vs. Ungoliant; Feanor's duel with the Balrogs; Fingolfin vs. Morgoth; Beren and Luthien taking the Silmaril from Morgoth's iron crown; Luthien humiliating Sauron Wink Smilie; Turin seeing, as a child, the Noldor Kings and Lords riding through his father's land; Turin in battle (not a specific moment, since he was one of the mightiest warriors ever); Hurin killing 70 (!!!) Orcs & Trolls before finally being captured; Hurin defying Morgoth; Finrod's discussion with Andreth; Isildur cutting the Ring from Sauron's hand; Sauron as Annatar (I'm sooooo curious what form he took to fool the Noldor smiths); Sauron pledging allegiance to Ar-Pharazon when overwhelmed by his hosts; the Rohirrim showing up on the Pelenor Fields; Sauron's perspective when the Ring falls in the Cracks of Doom.
I would like to be one of the Rohirrim witnessing the battles at Helm's Deep, Pelennor fields and in front of the Black Gate and thus witnessing the downfall of Mordor and Sauron.
I've just spent monday (a holiday here in the US) holed up with a friend: we set up a screen and a projector and watched all three of the movies back to back, 11 and a half hours' worth of DVD. I must say that the beauty of the mountains is breathtaking; so set me on the back of a great eagle and fly me over the misty mountain range on a rare clear morning when the sun rises, and I will breathe and see beauty with every beat of the wings. That is one thing I thank the movies for: inspiration in imagination. I tend to gloss over book descriptions in favor of devouring the plot, even when I KNOW the plot already: the discipline of reading what's written and truly bringing it to life in my head is greatly helped by meeting descriptions in the book that recall to my mind scenes in the film. It primes the pump, and I can discard images which don't quite fit the narrative once I've gotten my imagination going.....
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