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Welcome to the forum Syed5001. Smile Smilie

I don't know of anything to compare but am sure some of our philosophically inclined members will have some ideas for you.
Could you give us some more information on your project syed5001? You're not refering to Marxism are you?:shocked

Welcome, buy the way. Please do come back, even after you have finished your project.Big Smile Smilie

Thanks for the greetings. Im Syed, and Im not doing anything on Lord of the Rings, it is my sister who is doing her essays on marxism within Lord of the Rings. Ive given her my login details ands he will be on this forum tomorrow hopefully, I have just started the post in advance for her. I dont really know much about LOTR, ive watched the first film and am about half way through the Two Towers. My sister has read all the books, and others by Tolkien, but as you can probably tell the marxism angle in LOTR is not an easy task.

So yes, my question refers to Marxism within Tolkiens' Lord of the Rings books Big Smile Smilie. My sister said something about there being a clear distinction between the East and the West, I dont know about this, but supposedly its to do with Marxism. She also says something about there being hierarchies within the books, again to do with Marxism.

Thanks for any help needed, and my sister should be on this forum soon.

As a fervent and dedicated Marxist, I have never seen anything to do with it in LOTR, maybe I should have looked closer...
I can't see what LOTR has to do with Marxism either... Cool Smilie
There are many parallels between the situation in Shire under the rule of Saruman and the real life situation which could be found after the 2nd world war in European countries ruled by Marxists.
Not technically Marxism though was it? Was Stalinism etc. that did for the idealistic utopianism of Marx's ideologies. Those Communist regimes had nothing whatsoever to do with what Marx and Engels were trying to bring about.
Technically not Marism, Plastic Squirrel. Marx neglected the human factor in his theory which is what corrupted Marxism into communism. Absolute power corrupts absolutely, I don't care what one's ideals are ,humans tend to be self serving. I agree that the "Scouring of the Shire" is the place to start for this assignment.
Rednell :smoke
Yeah, human nature really does suck don't it rednell?
Power to the people.
But if there are any links, it was not, I repeat *not* Tolkien's intention. Animated Wink Smilie Just wanted to say that on behalf of the late JRR. Big Smile Smilie

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I don't think it was JRR's intention either. It just happens to be one of those "applicability" things. Besides, it gives teachers some interesting topics for essays.
Rednell Wink Smilie
Uhuh. And Tolkien detested allegory because people always seem to confuse it with applicability. Big Smile Smilie
Ok I feel really stupid...could someone please define Marksizm for me? Sad Smilie
I'm not too knowledgable on the subject Sam, but I think Marxism was the fundamental beliefs behind the concept of communism. Something about everyone being equal and being treated as such.

Moderator Smilie As this thread seems to have resurfaced since our ban on political subjects, can anyone replying to this one tread very carefully and keep your replies on a Tolkien theme please. If it starts to become politically orientated rather than Tolkien, it will be removed. Thank you. Moderator Smilie
Thanks Val, I think I get it now! Big Smile Smilie And truthfully I can't really see anything resembling that in Tolkien's works. Except that Aragorn becomes King again and thus sustains monarchy, and probably thinks everyone should be equal... Wink Smilie
The nearest I can see Marxist beliefs in Tolkien's work is in the elves in Valinor. When they first arrive there, they build a great city and pave the streets with gems etc. They want no reward for these works, only to let others enjoy their own creations.
Moderator SmiliePlastic felt that MIM was being unneccessarily antagonistic towards a fairly large segment of the community with this post, so it's gone. Hope you understandModerator Smilie

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Fair enough, I wrote a few raw ones lately. Sorry, students!

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