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who is the most wise and brave among kings

well you can think of the one yourselves
I'm unsure from the question whether we are supposed to choose the wisest from Finwe or Aragorn, or whether we are supposed to suggest our own candidate. From the two you have suggested, we do not see a great deal of Aragorn once he is king, but are left to judge from what he had been earlier what kind of king he would have made. I'm guessing he was a great king.

I do not recall too much of Finwe either. He led the Noldor to Valinor whereupon he later followed his son Feanor into excile. He was then slain by Morgoth and Ungoliant while defending the doors of his armoury. I don't see too much wisdom there. He should have stayed with his subjects however much he loved Feanor.

From the two mentioned my vote would be on Aragorn. There were several great Numenorian, Gondorian and Dunedain kings however, who do not get detailed mentions in the books.
As for Aragorn : we don't know much about his reign. His reign must've been quite peaceful though, in comparison with previous ages, as Sauron and his minions were obliterated. There were only some battles with Easterlings and perhaps Haradrim, but compared with Sauron this was rather a piece of cake. King Elessar didn't have to deal with any major problems. King Elessar is just as good a King as the good Kings of N’menor and Gondor.

As for Th’oden : during most of his reign he was deceived by Saruman, and during the events of the WOTR completely controlled by Gr’ma. Yet, he was given a chance to redeem himself, which he gloriously did (although one can argue that he was just overcompensating for the fact that he had acted as a slobbering, lethargic Methusaleh for most of his reign). For me, there were Kings of Rohan that were greater than him : ’orl and Helm Hammerhand, for instance.

As for Elven kings : hard to say. Finw’ didn't do anything special, safe remarrying and taking side for his firstborn, whilst his sons were all great in their specific talents, but seemed to lack in others.

As for Fingolfin's sons : Fingon was similar to his father, whilst Turgon was wiser than his father (although not wise enough to leave Gondolin).

All in all, it's a difficult question to answer. If Finrod had been a King (and with this i mean High King, not just Lord of Nargothrond), i'd pick him. But as he wasn't, i'll take the safe road and pick Manw’, King of Arda, as the wisest, noblest and mightiest King...

My 2nd greatest King is Ar-Ph’razon.

Why? Because in his own way, Ar-Ph’razon did some great deeds. Of course, he was deceived by Sauron, but he besieged the Valar which is still a very courageous act, even though it's utterly foolish - as foolish and as courageous, as Fingolfin challenging Morgoth.

Also, the fact that Ar-Ph’razon was deceived/controlled by Sauron, can be compared with Th’oden being controlled by Wormtongue - the difference between the two is just that Ar-Ph’razon didn't have a White Wizard to help him. No one could help him, unless the Valar would send help.

He's not a villain, but only one of the biggest anti-heroes of Tolkien's works, after Gollum, T’rin and to a lesser extent, Boromir.
I'm putting my money on Gil-galad who reigned for the entire Second Age. Reasons: for holding the Middle-earth Elves together, for supporting the exiled Numenorians, and for joining his forces with Men to overthrow Sauron at the end of the Second Age, even if he lost his life doing it.
Yup, I'd pick Gil-galad too for just about the same reasons.
Actually, I think Tar-Meneldur was the wisest King. He had a tough choice to make and, besides, he always thought twice before passing a judgment. Finarfin comes close too.

As for the bravest King... I would say Fingolfin and Finwe, cause no other mortal dared facing Morgoth in combat.

But my all-time favorite King was, is and forever will be: FEANOR, the greatest Elf ever!!! Smile Smilie