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we all know the books, and love the magical world of middle earth.

But in reality would we be able to adapt ourselves to living there...??

Think of it, no tv, no pc's no internets, not many books.. no deodarant, no proper toothpaste, no telephones. no fabric conditioner..

war on your front doorstep, life affected by every little change of weather, serious problems arising from droughts, famine. no real kind of medical care (unless you have a king handy)

The question is could you or would you live there...??
I've thought about this before. Lots of times. I'd still give anything to go there for a while just to see the world and how it was at that time. No internet, I think I could deal with that. No cars or airplanes, no air conditioning, and lots of weather problems, well that might be harder, but hey, horseback riding is cool, and I think I really need to strengthen my body by working myself really hard. Wink Smilie Wiggle Smilie so yeah,
I also thought about it before... and I'll say, I'd love to spend a holiday there. I don't know if I'd like to permanently live there, but it's hard to say. I mean, what time... war of the ring, earlier, much earlier, or later? but if I really lived there, I wouldn't think about that... and I wouldn't know that there are internet, telephone, etc. in "another world", and so I at least wouldn't care about that either, would I?
generally I think I should kinda like life in middle earth and I might get along quite well there... only thinking of the characters there... someone else to talk to apart from men... knowing some elf, dwarf, hobbit, bombadil (whatever he may actually be), wizard, ent, dragon, orc (if necessary...) would be very much appreciated by me. all these absolutely different cultures and all... hey, fascinating. I mean, wouldn't you love to listen to an old elven sailor sitting by the fire in some inn telling tales of long lost days? a little chat with an elf now and then or smoking some pipeweed with hobbit fellas on a warm shire evening sound too lovely... and the food... oh, yea, I'd certainly enjoy it... Smile Smilie
ok, now I've again given the impression that I think everything's lovely and sweet and there's nothing bad in the world and everyone's happy and smoking weed and... I'm more realistic in reality, but when I think about living in middle earth, the positive aspects are the major things I think about... standing in the first row in a bloody war... um... no. hey, I'm a girl...
My thoughts on this one are very similar to Ithil's.... It would maybe be a great place for a holiday but not to live permanently. I love getting away into the mountains or forests away from people, but in Britain I know I am safe doing so - we cleared our countryside of anything likely to eat us years ago.

The unspoiled grassy hills, mountains and forests of Middle Earth sound lovely, but judging by Bilbo's experience, very dangerous. Maybe Middle Earth in the early Third Age, just after the defeat of Sauron would be okay. The Gondorians are going through their "great" period, wonderful architecture is being built, the roads are safe etc, and still lots of elves around. I don't think I'd miss TV, PC's and CD's too much. There'd be so much other stuff to do. You soon harden off to being cold and wet too, and as for bathing, that's the first thing I always give up on whenever I go camping.
You are probably right - great place for a holiday but would we be able to *live* there? In our fantasies yes, of course we would, because we would be strong and clever and our friends would be like Aragorn and Faramir and nothing would hurt us.... In reality... er.. doubtful.

What corruptions would we take with us though? How long before we would say "There's this thing called electricity that would really make life so much easier...."
Living in the Middle-Earth is a lot like living in the Middle-Ages, only add Elves, Dwarves and other creatures. Not really all that.

It would be exhilirating though, to be able to venture to Middle-Earth during the War of the Ring and take the place of one of the members of the Fellowship (Legolas, Gimli and Boromir didn't do anything anyway, safe whining, belching and dying) : exciting times. After Sauron's defeat (although his defeat would be rather dubious with me taking the place of a Fellowship member...), things would rather get boring - nothing to do - hence i'd return home.
i would definedly live in MD even in time of peace the world would is so huge and id have so little time to adventure it but i wuold stay i think that i could even live ehitout my pc for a while Big Smile Smilie
What corruptions would we take with us though? How long before we would say "There's this thing called electricity that would really make life so much easier...."

Of course, that would happen anyway, I think, without any of us. Or really, with us, since Middle Earth is mostly a fictional time, not a fictional place. So... yeah, we can live in Middle-Earth. Then, in the middle of the War... maybe not. If we were in Bree and well out of it we might make it. This goes for most of us, I think, though some of you all might be tougher than me... in fact, probably so. But I would definitely like to visit just fter the war was over.
Isn't going there the dream of everyone who has read and learns to love Tolkien's books? Yes, it would be hard to change from "modern" life to medieval life, just like that. But it is not impossible. I should think, though, the compensations might outweigh the hardships. But you know, no place would be home without those we love. So who would want to go there and leave everyone he loves forever? So either we should be able to take everyone with us who can or wants to go, or we should be able to travel between worlds freely so that we don't lose anyone. But this, of course, is more than dear Prof. Tolkien wrote about.
I wouldn't mind BEING Tom Bombadil (or Goldberry...) He seems like someone on perpetual vacation, with the ability to protect his borders, rescue stray travellers, etc. Plus he seems slightly crazy as well as given over to rhymes and music, two traits I've been known to exhibit. And the hint of limited omnipotence/omniscience -- or at least immunity to danger -- suits me quite fine. and Gandalf would drop by and tell me news of the wide world!

BTW, I've not yet seen a thread on Bombadil. I'll go looking....
Very interesting question...

I don't know if I'd go back to Middle-earth in the Third Age, but I'd most definitely go there in the First Age. Yes, lots of dangers, Morgoth a few miles away, Balrogs, Dragons, Orcs, Trolls etc. But also Feanor and all the Noldor, Hurin and Huor, Turin and Tuor, Beren and Luthien, Earendil, Maeglin, Thingol and Melian. There are so many of them... And I wouldn't mind paying a visit to Andor, the Land of the Gift, Numenore of old. Not to mention sneaking in Valinor for a little while... Wink Smilie)

P.S.: There are many things one would miss when going back to Middle-earth. But most of these things create addiction, even if they also bring comfort. Addiction... one of Sauron's favorite terms... *devilish smile*
Agreed on the point of addiction! Smoke Smilie

Too many things nowadays are addictive (such as PT itself) Disturbed Smilie I went camping in the summer for only three days and found myself lost in mp3s and eaten up with craving for my computer (I even tried my friend's gameboy for comfort, shows how desperate I was Dead Smilie )... Anyways, much as I appreciate the lovely sights of Nature and wildlife, I have to admit that I have gone too far in the world of the internet. Hmmm...that's a bad thing, I suppose. Well, I guess I'll sign up for the "pioneer club" next year...
no deodarant

Now, that is a scary thought! Super Scared Smilie
I've thought about this topic a lot. I think I have decided that, I could live in Middle Earth. It wouldn't be, like, just -poof- and I'm there, though. I mean, I have to have been born there, so I wouldn't know about electronics and electricity. All that besides, it would just be awesome to live in a place where magic is real. Just thinking about it has got me all giddy...

*heh, I said giddy....*
I wouldn't mind living on Middle-Earth, especially in the peaceful Shire or in the wonderful Rivendell. It would be difficult during the first days, but once I would get used to it, it would be like a drea come true. I mean what would I need a tv or a cell phone in Rivendell, for instance, where I could be so close to nature and where I could feel the beauty of everyrhing?