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Thread: Tolkien in 1917 bombing raid?

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I read the book "Tolkien and the Great War" which in one sentence mentions that there was a German bombing raid on the city of Hull in August 1917 when Tolkien was in the hospital there. This would be something interesting to know more about but I've been searching every corner of the net for more info on this and can't find anything. Does anyone know anything about experience in the bombing raid? Do you know where I can find more info on it? Did Tolkien ever mention it? Thanks.
I've never read anything about that before. Maybe there's something about it in Humphrey Carpenter's biography of JRRT.
Ryano, why not try the Tolkien Society.

I have emailed them before and they have helped me, it may take a day or two but they have always got back to me. I don't think I've done the link correct but the address is correct.

(Grondy tried to fix the link: it's i before e in Tolkien.)