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What did you vote and why?

I voted Angband because that was the dwelling of the Dark Enemy of the World, full of Balrogs, Wargs, Orcs, Dragons and Succubi. Really creepy.

Not sure why Tom Bomdadil's house made it into the Poll, but anyway.
I agree with Virumor's reasoning as to why Angband was the scariest place from among those on the list; however, due to my dislike of spiders, Tar-Nu-Fuin and Shelob's Lair would have raised my hackles, but Angband would still have been the ultimate scariest place,Super Scared Smilie even if accompanied by Huan. Puppy Smilie
Technically, there were no spiders (at least, none of Ungoliantic descent) in Taur-nu-Fuin, only in Ered Gorgoroth (the mountain range bordering Taur-nu-Fuin to the south) and Nan Dungortheb, the valley between the Ered Gorgoroth and Doriath.

Taur-nu-Fuin merely contained werewolves & vampires, after Morgoth sent out Sauron and Co to capture Beren.

I for me would not mind entering Angband in the company of L’thien; for good-looking damsels always provide the necessary distraction in order to get out alive and in one piece.
Good ole Vir, sacrifice anyone for the right reason or is that Vee???

I voted The Paths Of the Dead because for (1) I'm not Aragorn with his Magic Sword, And’ril, so i'd be completely defenseless and (2) i'd prefer to be in a place where my arrows or blade could actually hurt somone, in Shelob's lair, you could take a swing at her, but not at a ghost, No-one got the Phantom of the Opera you know, no-one hurt the Phantom he was just heart broken Dead Smilie
I chose Moria. Imagine being stuck in an underground hall full of cobwebs and skeletons. And the silence in Moria wold creep anyone out. That's not to mention the Orcs and Balrogs waiting to jump out at you from behind a pillar or a set of broken stairs or something. And there's still the matter of trying to find your way out. Once in, You can't really go out the way you came in because of that Watcher, and even Gandalf's memory of Moria was a bit rusty. As if being in a dark musty hall wasn't bad enough. Being lost in there is worse.
... he took up his abode in the endless dungeons of Angband, the Hells of Iron,... he made a great tunnel, which issued south of the mountains; and there he made a mighty gate. But above this gate, and behind it even to the mountains, he piled the thunderous towers of Thangorodrim, that were made of the ash and slag of his subterranean furnaces, and the vast refuse of his tunnellings. They were black and desolate and exceedingly lofty; and smoke issued from their tops, dark and foul upon the northern sky. Before the gates of Angband filth and desolation spread southward for many miles over the wide plain of Ardgalen...

... the drear dale that lay before the Gate of Angband. Black chasms opened beside the road, whence forms as of writhing serpents issued. On either hand the cliffs stood as embattled walls, and upon them sat carrion fowl crying with fell voices. Before them was the Impregnable Gate, an arch wide and dark at the foot of the mountain; above it reared a thousand feet of precipice.

And then there was the guard dog.... nice doggy....

I chose Angband.
I have not decided yet... but the Barrow Downs always gave me shivers when I read that part... What do you guys think?
I didn't really fancy any of them, except maybe Tom's cottage, but Angband's got to be the worse. Seems like the grand-daddy of everything nasty lived there at one time or another.
I think Moria is the most frigthening place to be because of all of the nasty looking orcs and I do not want to meet the balrog. ( maybe if I felt cold , it could keep me warm? Dont think so ,I would have run like mad..)
You would never come across the Balrog & the Orcs, though, without some dweep around who accidentally drops a stone in a well, hence alterting the baddies.

Being lost in there is worse.

No, worse would be if they'd make a TV show about it.

-"Balin, where the heck is Ori?"
-"I fear he has gone over to.... the others"
-"The others?!"
-"Yes... the others"
-"Oh, no!"
And the real tragedy of such a show would be making the dwarves talk like Vir! Honestly, a dwarf using the word "heck"??? Nice one, Vir.
Spiders. Ick. I chose Shelobs Lair, referring to my spider phobia. yesh, now I feel creeping features all over my back. ICK!
Thank you very much, now I have spiders on my back too! Elf Sticking Tounge Out Smilie
But it's good to se you, even if you put spiders on me. Smile Smilie

I choose the Paths of the Dead. Cause if you think about it, all the other places contain "living" creatures (cept maybe the dead marshes) however horrible or creepy they are. But just imagine being in such a dark place that is so unaturall!!! Ghosts are ghosts, they'r just not right, and you rarely ever see one and live to tell about it. They dont have to kill you, you'll die on your own, because of the sheer terror! Even in Tolkien's world, ghosts are rare.
I have to agree with Angband for all the reasons stated. I mean, sure there's lots of darkness and skeletons in Moria (for example) but I bet there's more in Angband. By orders of magnitude. And there's always the possiblity of a trip to Hurins Chair. I think I'd prefer a quick end in an Orc stew pot, myself. ;-p
Well you people can go for Angband but I am going for the worst place of the Realm of Morgoth - Utumno, Morgoths greatest fortress and his final retreat.
I agree with some of you by saying Shelob's lair,
Angband definitely. Such a place of mental anguish and torment. And the fact that you could be made to just exist and stay alive against your will to be tormented more and more and more.
Hell in the fullest sense.
Although I must say I had to kill a gynormous spider the other day, usually I try to get them outside. But it was HUGE and I freaked out for hours after. A whole field of them. The thought of just having to strike one and see all that..........forget it. I cannot even think about it.