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I recently ordered Elrond’s ring, Vilya, from the Noble Collection’s website. The package came in the mail for me today; however, when I opened it I could hardly recognize the ring inside the box. I do not pretend to be an expert on sapphires, yet when I saw the ring online, I thought the stone would look blue, and the ring itself, would be a high quality piece of art. I was disappointed in both respects today; the stone appeared black, no matter how light fell on it, and the ring reminded me vaguely of one that I got out of quarter machine when I was little’
Well, I’m returning the ring, but I was wondering if anyone else ran in to similar disappointments when ordering Online from the Noble Collection, or if I really was sent ’the wrong ring’.

I have always understood that the better the quality, the darker the sapphire so black is good. However, they wouldn't put a good quality stone in a cheap setting so it sounds a bit suspect to me.
I bought a sapphire ring for my wife when we got engaged and again for our 5th, 10th, and 15th anniversaries. The sapphires have always appeared quite dark, almost black, and light does not make them look much different. I have been given to understand that it is nearly impossible to get any lighter colored sapphires since the world's supply has been depleted over the years--but I am no expert in gemstones. The setting is quite another thing. Unless you care for the artistic expression of the designer, you may not care for that setting whether it is "authentic" to the movie or not.
I've delt with the Noble Collection over the years and have bought Sting and its sheath, Arwen's sword, Arwen's necklace, a couple letter openers, and the Lothlorien leaf pin. All have been good quality and I was very satisfied with them, as was my daughter who received the necklace.