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hello there! i want to know what is the exact language that Arwen and Llegolas and Aragorn speak...pls and the language on the ring .. cuz i know that are several tipes of elfish language... so if u can help i'll apreciate it .. tnks

i guess il try to help
im not the best person for the job tho

theres basically 2 kinds of "elvish" if i can call it that
Quenya and Sindarin
Quenya is the "high" toungue which i excpect Arwen might speak
i think
anyway, SIndarin is simalar to Quenya but it is not as fancy (i believE)
the language on the ring is the black tongue
apparently it is a crude mockery of elvissh
evil things tend to do that
copy but make it a little worse

well chech this out
Arwen, Legolas and Aragorn speak Sindarin in the movies. At the time LOTR takes place, Quenya is mostly for ceremonial use. And the site Elrose linked to is a great site. Smile Smilie
I think most of the time they speak English.
honestly Vir you are too hilarious. I never can guess what will come out of your mouth next.
Pary Smilie You are a one man party, well at least I think so. Smile Smilie