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What is your favorite scene from one of the movies? Why?
MIne has to be the battle for Helm's Deep in The Two Towers. That has to be one of the coolest battles.
Frodo's reaction when Gandalf plummeted into the abyss in Khazad-D’m. This, together with Boromir's "But give them some time, for Pete's sake!!" shortly afterwards, should be used as the quintessential example of 'overacting' in any film school - although, granted, Frodo's reaction after getting stabbed by the cave troll was priceless too!
My favourite scenes are thus:

1st = Balrog scene

2nd = Sauron coming out of Barad-dur in the very beginning commentry

3rd = Witchking and Gandalf duel on Minas Tirith

4th = Mouth of Sauron

And Virumer - It wasn't "For Pete's sake", It was "For pities sake".
haha yeah who's Pete, he could be a friend of Dave. But does it really matter LOA???
haha yeah who's Pete

I take it Boromir referred to St Peter.
Or maybe he was just referring to a friend of his named Pete that he happens to be very fond of.
Up to now, nobody has dared to say it might be one mr. Jackson!! Angel Smilie
Yes, after all he did appear in Bree and Helm's Deep, did he not?

Seems you have solved this mystery, Mr Rafael!
I think that Peter also appeared shipboard in LOTR: Return of the King.
I think that Peter also appeared shipboard in LOTR: Return of the King.

Why, so the 'King' in the movie title actually refers to the movie's brilliant director?!

Bold, Mr Jackson, very bold!
Ok, I don't know if anyone would consider this amazing but, I liked the scenes where
Arwen comes to Agarorn in a dream and when she sees their future son.Alot of the battle scenes already mentioned were pretty kool also.
He indeed was in ROTK, if my memory serves me, I think that PJ was shot by Legolas after Gimli had smugly tapped his bow on release. Still makes me chuckle even now when I watch it.

I thought the vision of Arwen was a nice touch and nicely done too. Although my favourite scenes are between two;

(1) The Battle of Helm's Deep, not the part of the pouring rain and the 'Elves' (that magically appeared) releasing bolts, but near the end of the battle where Gandalf is seen upon the hill with Eomer and the floods of Rohirrim, you could see the passion of the Rohan riders as they came sweeping down towards the armies of Orcs with rage in their eyes. Plus they were riding to a part of their home land, so it meant something to each individual I think.

(2) The Battle of The Pelennor Fields, the Mumakil were greatly done and the scene that Legolas performed while taking down one of the mighty beasts, that was an eye opener.
I agree that the Battle of the Pelennor Fields was awesome and the Mumakil did look cool. The thing that caught me though was that the giant monsters would stomp around crushing everything, orcs and humans alike. That was very well scripted.
I liked the Shire. And sir Ian as Gandalf. But I can't talk about or see the the movies without saying stuff like "It looks nice, but it wasn't him that really said that/that never happend/he didn't do that/that is all wrong... so I'll just stay out of it. Wink Smilie
Does anyone else know that Treebeards voice was played by Gimli (John-rhys davies)?
Yes, and I would assume most everyone who viewed the Extended Editions would know that.
You would be surprised that alot of people don't.
One of my favourite parts is the whole corsair ship scene; taking possession and arriving on Pelennor Plain. I also like it when the Rohirrim arrive on Pelennor.
Aragorn's heartening speech to the men of Rohan and Gondor in ROTK was pretty good, though his voice sounded a bit small in such a vast battle plain. Still, I liked his speech.

The scene I often fastforward to when I watch the movies is the part where the four hobbits are back in the Shire drinking beer together. I love the looks on their faces as they watch Sam go up to Rosie. Pippin and Merry just look soooo hilarious!

Oh and Pete getting shot by Legolas was pretty awesome too. For those of you who have the EE, did you watch that scene with the actors' commentary? They say, "It's another Pete shot." Haha....
I actually like Arwen's horse chase scene and the scene where she took control of the elements too.

One can only wonder what she would have pulled off, if PJ hadn't removed her from the Battle of Helm's Deep.
First and foremost: Any scene with Gandalf in it rocks. Ian M. is an actor in a class few can reach.

Second, there is no substitute in book or imagination for the visual beauty of the mountains and the windswept golden hall and the sound of that not-a-violin instrument with its sympathetic strings.

There are two other Eowyn scenes I love: one is when she sings for her cousin's funeral in old english (extended version). The other is, of course, the delivery of the line "I am no man!" after the Witch-King/Wraith says "fool! no man can kill me!"
There are so many to choose from for me.
But one that always amazes me is the scene at night at Helms' Deep after the welcoming of the Elves led by Haldir.
They are all stationed in position looking down. The air is frosty, the rain is pelting many on bare heads.Gimli cannot see and is teased by Legolas.
Then a flash of lightning streaks across the sky and to the horror of those looking down is wave after wave, block after block of numberless enemies.
Legolas very calmy tells Aragorn that he has his friends with him.It both electrified and terrified me. The hour had come and there was no way out of it.
In no particular order

Nazgul enter Bree
Boromir's death scene
Gandalf -v- Balrog
Helm's Deep - in particular Gandalf's entrance
Destruction of Isengard
First sight of Edoras
Eomer meets Aragorn and friends
Ride of the Rohirrim
Minas Morgul

I am sure there are more but I need to watch them again.
The very beginning of the movie when Gandalf enters the Shire until the long expected party is probably best.
Nobody has mentioned the beginning scene of the Last Alliance...
The coolest scene in my opinion is the Gandalf - Balrog battle, but one part in particular: the scene starts in that huge cavern at the bottom of the abyss, you see them both falling in from the top and as they enter the fire of the balrog illuminates the vast cavern and you can see all the stalactites hanging from the roof and the glow on the water below before they plunge in AND the music in the background - it's just so awesome!!

The most romantic scene is definately the one where Aragorn sees Arwen in his dream - I love that one. I remember being really annoyed the second time I went to go see it at the cinema because they had spliced a section out of that scene, I didn't complain though and I don't think anyone else noticed. I also really liked Aragorn's coronation.

One of the funniest scenes that comes to mind is after the Helm's Deep battle: Gimli and Legolas are comparing scores - Legolas shoots the dead orc that Gimli's sitting on cos "he was twitching" and Gimli retorts "he was twitching because he's got my axe embedded in his nervous system" Big Laugh Smilie hahaha

And I also love the scene, as mentioned by others, where Gandalf and Eomer and all the horsemen charge down the hill at Helm's Deep - the moment when the sun shines out behind them and blinds the orcs - wow.

One of the saddest scenes would be Pippin singing for Denethor after he has sent Faramir back into a hopeless battle. I'm so glad they included that one in the CD soundtrack. Oh and the scene where Elrond tells Arwen how her life will end, very sad!

Well I think I've said enough now...
Oh and the scene where Elrond tells Arwen how her life will end, very sad!

Didn't he say to her she would dwindle on forever after the death of King Elessar, or something like that?

Seems kinda peculiar he said that, considering the life of the Eldar was apparently leaving her (whatever that means, something to do with cold hands). Maybe I'm wrong. It is after all four years since I last saw it.

Anyway, I thought the saddest scene is the part where the cavetroll gets downed in the Chamber of Mazarb’l... it looked really so cute, like a hairless muppet, and yet it was ruthlessly slain by that heartless Legolas. I could barely hold my tears..
I know the part you are refering to Virumor.

He said that becuase he thought Arwen was intending to stay with Aragorn, but not to leave her immortality. It was only afterwards did he realise that she would be choosing mortality when he felt her hands.
I feel grief stricken every time I see Faramir, heartbroken to know that his father preferred him to have died instead of his favorite son, he and the other men going back out there to certain death, sorrowful, hopeless, yet at the end gainging dignity and strength for that one last slap in the face of Mordor and Sauron. And Pippin's song and the hauntingly sad melody. I never get throught that without tears.

When Pippin is searching for Merry and finds him wounded and broken. Merry asks if he has come to bury him and with all the love of the universe in his heart Pippin tells him he has come to take care of him. Such true friendship and love and devotion.
And although not as sad as in the book , when Aeowen( I never spell her name correctly) makes her way to her beloved Theoden and he looks at her and says "I know your face" it just breaks me up. Sad Smilie
I think my favorite scenes are at the end of FOTR, Boromir's death and his allegience to Aragorn and then when Sam intercepts Frodo and they go to continue the journey together.
My all-time fave scenes involve Gandalf. The first time I saw Gandalf interacting with the Hobbits, especially the Hobbit children, I KNEW that this movie was going to be just incredibly great. Sir Ian McKellen absolutely captured the essence of Gandalf in his portrayal of the "old man with his fireworks." Gandalf loved the Hobbits for the simple reason that he loved the Hobbits, and you could see his absolute delight and enjoyment as he shot off his fireworks for them and danced with them. My absolute fave scene: Gandalf laughing as he takes more fireworks from his cart, and laughing as he sends the kids laughing and squealing after the fire-birds. "Off they go!" THAT is pure Tolkien: NO ONE made Gandalf laugh for pure enjoyment's sake like the Hobbit children. No wonder he loved them so much.
Then of course, there's the scene with the Balrog, and then the scene where Gandalf excorcises Saruman from Theoden: "I will draw you, Saruman, as poison is drawn from a wound!"
I I love Gandalf when he sets off those fireworks when we first meet him. The music as well. It sets up hobbiton just perfectly and that's so important for the movies to have that at the start. It's the beauty and simplicity that the hobbits came from, and there is always that perfect time with blowing smoke rings, setting off fireworks, folk type music and all that to campare to the dark places they walk in later. Whenever one of the hobbits refers to home later in the movies, I can see these scenes in my mind and know how large the gap between where they are in spirit and body now and where they once were, and how that makes what they do all the more incredible.

Going a bit later in the movies, I love the lighting of the signal fires. That flying over the mountains watching them come alight, the feeling that help is on the way and the amazing distance across the land it gives you. Beautiful in all ways.

This is an old thread, however after years since their release I re watched the extended DVD again recently.  Gosh I had forgotten how many great scenes there were, and also had forgotten how many changes and omit ions there are from the written stories.  I love both I must say.

Fav scenes.

Aragon and Legolas out side of Meduseld whilst Merry and Pippin muck around with the Palantir.  "His Eye is moving like a sleepless malice, He is here!"

The funeral of Theodred, specifically Gandalf's speech to Theoden.  Heartbreaking, two great actors at work...

Gollum's debate with Smeagol, truly creepy and extreme.

The White Rider rescues Faramir and his surviving men from the Flying Nazgul.  Shards of white light from his staff and the high pitch choir boy which cuts in, the camera swings around to a fantastic full view of Minas Tirith.

Lighting of the beacons, the music!!!

Circling Fell Beast and Witch King over the dead marshes.  I love Gollum's reaction.

The vial of Earendil in Shelob's tunnel.

"You young rascals, Eating & Smoking!"  Gimli's reaction the finding Merry & Pippin in a ruined Isengard.

"You bring great evil here!"  First vision of Galadriel.

I could go on and on....


I could go on and on....

In the FotR all four hobbits tumbling down the hillside then Merry goes"I think I've broken something" and pulls out a carrot from beneath.Starting from there till they reach Bree,that run to the river..amazing.

"What about SECOND breakfast"?Big Smile Smilie

I enjoyed Arwen's escape with Frodo,only because of the horses.

I love it when the Fellowship sets out and Frodo asks Gandalf:Is it left or right?

Argonath still kind of mind-boggles me.

The last river scene with Frodo and Sam.I tear up every time.

The part where our Fellowship trio meets the exiled Rohirrim.Very nice.

Pippin's song in Denethor's hall as Faramir goes on his suicide mission.

The lighting of the beacons of course.

Elessar's (song)oath

And.."My friends,you bow to no one"..and then the music.

Oh yes,when Merry and Pippin are in the food cellar of Isengard,Treebeard bends against the walls to hear what's all the merriment about.Cracks me upSmile Smilie

P.S:Not exactly my favorite but my younger sister really loves the Ents in Isengard.It makes her laugh and allSmile Smilie







I am really struggling here to think of a scene I like! All my favourite scenes are in the book and seeing as PJ did not see fit to put any of those in his films without adding an extra troll, flammable Black Riders, shield surfing, awful dialogue, different characters I cannot think of any.

Oh all right! At a push the Window on the West scene when Faramir and Frodo are looking down on Smeagol in the Forbidden Pool- its almost like the book (but PJ still couldn't resist mucking about with it by removing Sam- and his men beating up Smeagol shortly afterwards ruins it all anyway).

I admit that's quite a grudging 'favourite scene' but the adaptations are so poorly handled I am honestly racking my pretty head here to come up with something any good.

The scene where Arwen says to Aragorn, "Then it is a very good dream." Also the scene where the two stand facing each other with Arwen in that dress.