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just an inquiry of sorts,

sometimes im on here checking messages and what not, and there can sometimes be over 200 people online, yet over say 30 mins, no new messages are added!

so my question, WHAT DO YOU GUYS DO!!

haha Big Smile Smilie

that always bugged me too, I gues people just read stuff that others have to say, or maybe lots of people just leave their accounts singed in, when they aren't really at the computer
yeah, I am one of those guilty... I do mean to sign out, but I don't as often as I mean too...
Oh I see,,I too wondered about that. Now the great puzzle is , at least partially, solved.
I often forget to sign out...but a lot of the time I am posting...that's really all I do on here. I guess I ought to visit the Gallery on occasion...
Yeas, I'm too lazy to look up my password so I never sign out. Should I? And I'm here reading almost every day, I just don't always have the energy to post. Deep thinking takes a lot of effort for my little brain.. Rolling Eyes Smilie
Well when i'm online sian i usually see you as being offline if you're not here. Maybe we have lots of trollers or people only reading the threads?