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me again, Just wanted to start a little conversation about the music on the last cd of the BBC Radio4 production of Lord of the Rings.

I dont remember the original broadcast ( not old enough thank godBig Smile Smilie ) and so to find they have released them on CD was a god sent, but it wasnt untill i had finaly got round to bying the final instalment (’75 all in all after bying all 3) that i realised the final disc has music on it.

the music i find absolutly wonderful, i feel i may have to buy a replacement CD as this one CD gets far more of a workout then the rest of the set, my personal favorites are "o lorien" and "bilbo's last song".

so umm any comments on the music, or indeed the series in its entireity?

Big Smile Smilie
I live in Canada and have absolutely no idea of what you are talking.
I want to know more about this and what is the name of the CD please and where can one buy one I wonder. No one I know has m entioned this wondrous sounding thing to me. Very Sad Smilie
ahh well in the UK, our radio station (bbc radio 4 i belive??), broadcast an adaptation of the lord of the rings back in the 80s, all in all it runs for about 12 hours(11 story CDs, i music CD), and is a wonderous thing to behold (i think so anyway) over here you can get them in most bookstores, maybe you could try Ebay??
IMO deffinatly worth listening to, any one else have a (perhaps conflicting) opinion?

Big Smile Smilie
plus (and i believe im right in this) the radio production is the only production to play out the scourging of the shire (jackson droped it, and the rankin~bass animation never got that far in the story, it left sam and frodo at the doors of mordor i belive)
and belive me, its far more emotive hearing it then it is reading it!!

Thankyou for the information. How deprived we are here!I will check in this city and a couple of others nearby and see what I can find out.
To think I have never heard any of it. It makes me want to weep, only I have a headache already today so I think I shall postpone it until tomorrow.!
I have an old set a cassettes that I taped off the radio when NPR initially rebroadcast the BBC series in half hour segments back in the early 80s. About fifteen years ago I bought the official BBC cassette tapes. I loved a lot of the music on them; though there is none at the end. My favorites were Sam singing the book's part of the 'Lay of Gil-galad' and also his singing of 'In Western Lands' while searching for Frodo in the Tower of Cirith Ungol.
oh grondy it is definatly worth gettin the CDs if you can, there are many beautifull poems and songs inspired by tolkiens own writings, the song "O Lorien", where Galadriel sings what i have always assumed to be the "english" translation of "ai! laurie lantar lassi suurinen" is truely beatiful Big Smile Smilie
I am quite certain I could ask for two months straight and never meet a single person here except those from jolly old that has ever heard of this music. How very sad. We need to stop playing so much hockey and drinking beer and eating backbacon in this country and just get with the programme. So Angry Smilie
it is a great shame, i will scoure the web even for a smidgin' of a sample of it for you my dear leelee Big Smile Smilie
all of the "sound clips" on here are from the bbc radio production

see i promised i would leelee Big Smile Smilie

(the voice of gollum in the radio version is so cool, gets me evry time hehe)
Oh Turion,
How can I ever thank you. I am overcome with joy . How absolutely kind of you. I felt my heart pound as I listened to the clip on Gollum and then Shadowfax. I cannot believe it.
I cannot help myself, shy or not , I am giving you a hug for taking the time to do this for me.At dinner time I shall gather the other members of my family and let them listen. Between us, we are always reading Tolkien daily. They will be so pleased.You are a dear.
Happy Elf Smilie
im glad i could be of service brennil n’n, and im glad you enjoyed them

i shall name you Galirwen, that is "happy-lady" in the tongue of the elves, as everytime i see you on the boards, i will remember the joy these sound clips brought you
Big Smile Smilie
That is very beautiful and I accept.
You are a prince in Middle-Earth.